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Man whose phone hung while flying Aviator plane wins Sh. 76 million with Sh. 500 bet

Many online gamers experience frustration when the screen freezes in the middle of a gaming session. While some players decide to call it quits playtime, others see through the game.

A Ghanaian man is making headlines after playing Betpawa’s Aviator game and winning Sh. 76 million, with a small capital of nearly Sh. 500.

The man, Fuseini, reportedly shared that his phone malfunctioned while in the midst of playing the Aviator game. Surprisingly, these technical hitches appeared to have turned the wheels of luck in his favour.

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Fuseini explained that he had placed two bets, each worth Sh. 254, and the game began. Soon after, his phone malfunctioned, leaving his aeroplane stuck in ‘mid-air’.

Frustrated by the turn of events, Fuseini decided to take a nap. Upon waking up, he discovered that he had hit the Sh. 76 million limit on his Betpawa account.

To confirm his online gaming windfall, he withdrew Sh. 1.27 million from his account. He also achieved the week’s Highest Cash Multiplier, instantly becoming Aviator’s star in the weekly Aviator Battle Royale.


“That meant he won a brand new iPhone 15 Pro Max on top of his record Sh. 38.2 million,” read a statement from the company.

Fuseini, now a multi-millionaire, received his check of Sh. 76 million at the Holiday Inn Hotel in a colourful ceremony organized by Betpawa.

The young Ghanaian man stated that he was not expecting the lucky monies, adding that it took him by surprise. Following his win, the betting company arranged for him and his family to travel in a luxury 9-seater jet to attend a football match.


“I cannot believe what is happening to me because I never imagined ever being on an aeroplane. Today, I have flown on a very luxurious plane fit for a millionaire,” he said.

The overnight millionaire said now that his loved ones and friends have not stopped calling him since learning of his story. He urged them to keep him in their prayers.

His story, which has since gone viral, captures the limitless possibilities that lie in this digital age. It further underscores the unpredictable nature of online gaming.

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