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Woman who returned to school at 40 graduates with diploma, wins scholarship

Gladys Gakii, alias Conje, serves as an inspiration to the ageing population, that dreams are not far-fetched to achieve regardless of age. Returning back to school at any age is a great idea, but often brings about emotions that need to be managed.

Having faced countless setbacks in life, she decided to resume her studies in 2019. Despite missing out on the good life at a young age, her determination drives her to overcome present challenges and emerge victorious.

Her childhood was far from easy, as she was abandoned by her mother near a river as a baby. Gladys Gakii faced many challenges throughout her educational journey, enduring mistreatment from her guardians.

However, the support of various individuals who came forward to help saw her through from high school to university.

As an adult, she opened multiple businesses and acquired assets but unfortunately, they got auctioned. At the age of 40, she consciously decided to rebuild her life with the help of a clergyman and his wife.

Now, Conje has earned a Diploma in Criminology from Tharaka University. In 2022, she successfully graduated with a certificate in Criminology and Security Studies from the same institution.

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Following consideration by VC Peter Kinyua, the woman will now be awarded a full scholarship to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in the same course.

“I have attained a Diploma in Criminology and Security Studies. After all the struggles with school fees and upkeep, the Vice-Chancellor saw my determination and thirst for education and offered me a scholarship in December last year,” she said.

“In January 2023, by the grace of God, I will step into a Bachelor’s class. Thanks to Tharaka University Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Kinyua Muriungi.”

Conje revealed that she consistently wrote to the VC, pleading with the school to assist her in achieving her academic aspirations.

“I can only thank the university for the degree scholarship and promise to do my best not only in the school but even out there to the community. One day, I will give back. So help me God,” she proclaimed.

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