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List of key government services Kenyans without Ruto’s new Social Health Insurance are set to miss

Kenyans who fail to register for the new Social Health Insurance Fund will be denied access to 11 key government services once the Social Health Insurance Act 2023 comes into force.

In the regulations published by Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha, Kenyans looking for government services, including government jobs and motor vehicle registration services, will be required to present proof of registration to the fund.

Other areas where the Fund registration document will be mandatory is during the acquisition of student loans from the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB), tax compliance certificates acquisition, passport and travel document acquisition, registration of businesses, and procurement of goods and services.

The government will also deny Kenyans who miss out on registration the privileges of purchasing and selling property and getting government assistance and subsidies.

Amount of money each Kenyan will be deducted in Ruto’s new Social Health Insurance

”A person who is registerable as a member under this Act shall provide proof of compliance with the provisions of this Act on registration and contribution as a precondition of dealing with or accessing public services from the national government or county government,’’ the law states.

The Act, signed into law on October 19, requires all Kenyans in both the formal and informal sectors to remit 2.75 percent of their gross monthly income to cater to the fund.

Unemployed Kenyans who are above the age of 25 years are also required to pay Ksh300 monthly. The draft, which was suspended by the High Court, will undergo public participation before the proposed deductions are effected.

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