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In this article, we will see the important aspects of Goat Farming targeting the meat production.  The entire article will be presented in a Question and Answer format.  While it will be beneficial for the first time goat farmer or even ones who have already started to read the entire article. Here are those questions,

1 .How many goats can be fed using 1 Acre?

Generally, on an average 20-25 goats can be grown using feed from 1 Acre of land

2. When should the goats be brought into the farm?

The farm should have planted grasses, trees etc 1 yearbefore the first goat enters the farm.  This is applicable only to those farm where the grazing does not happen outside the farm

3. What are the feeds that goats eat?

Generally goats eat anything and everything

4. What are the feeds that are dangerous to the goats?

Nerium Oleander (Arali)

Puscilla spp

Lantana Camara (Unni Chedi)

Ipomea Carnea (Neyveli kattamanakku)

5. How much to feed per day?

Option 1

Fresh Grass & Fresh Fodder- 3 Kgs

Dry Grass & Dry Fodder —– 300 Grams

Concentrate——————– 250 Grams

Option 2

4-5% of body weight

6. What is the ratio of the feeds?

As a thumb rule 2/3rds of the energy requirements should be met through roughages. Half of the roughages should be leguminous green fodders and rest half should be grasses/tender tree leaves

7. How many times to feed in a day?

Feeding needs to be provided 3-5times a day

8. What is the % of expenses that goes towards feed?

75% of the expenses goes towards feeding the goats

9. How much water is required per goat?

Goats require 3 litres of water per day or 4 times their feed intake in relation to dry matter

10. What is the average Male:Female ratio?

1 (M):20-25 (F) is the average ratio

11. What is the parameter for buying a goat?

A female goat which produces more kids than the average in a single delivery is always better

A male goat which has fathered and delivered more kids than the average in a single delivery is always better

12. How much manure does a goat produce in a year?

On an average, 3 to 0.7 tonnemanure is produced by a goat in a year

2 Goats manure (including the urine) is good enough for 1 Acre for a year

13. What is the average weight of a fully grown goat?

Generally, the average weight will be 25 kgs

14. How long should we keep a new goat separately before it can be introduced with other goats?

New Goats should be kept under observation for about 15 days and then only should be allowed to mingle with other goats in the farm

15. How long a goat can be kept in the farm?

A goat can be kept for up to 10 years

16. What is the age for attainment of  puberty?

The female goats will reach puberty in 10 to 12 months age

The male goats will reach puberty in 12 to 14 months age

17. When should the first mating be allowed in a Male Goat?

The first mating should happen during 12 to 14 months.  It would be even better if they are allowed to mate only after 2 years

18. What is the right age for castrating Male Kids?

Castrating of Male Kids should be done within 1 month of their birth

19. When to retire the male goat?

Male Goats should be retired each year

20. What is the maximum age for a Male Goat to be used for service?

6-8 Yearsof age is the maximum age a male goat can be used for service

21. What is the average age of Male Goats and how many Female Goats can they service?

A Male Goat of 6 Monthscan service 5-6 Female Goats

A Male Goat of 18-24 Monthscan service 25-30 Female Goats

A Male Goat of age beyond 24 Monthscan service 50-60 Female Goats

22. What is the ratio of Female Goats to be maintained?

Option 1

75% – 1.5 to 2 Years of age

20% – 2 to 4 Years of age

5% – 4 to 6 Years of age

Option 2

1:2 ratio meaning 1 mother and 2 kids

For example., you should keep 20 kids for 10 female goats.  This way, the ratio can be maintained after every delivery assuming the average is 2 kids per delivery

23. What is the best age for procuring a goat for growing or breeding purposes?

The best age is 1.5-2 years

24. When should the first mating be allowed in a Female Goat?

The first mating should happen during 10 to 12 months.  It would be even better if they are allowed to mate only after 1 year

25. When is the first delivery expected?

The first delivery can be expected in 15 to 20 month

Hope these question and answers will help you if you are a farmer.


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