Tuesday, April 16, 2024

High Court suspends payment of school fees via e-Citizen

The High Court has temporarily suspended the order requiring payment of school fees via e-Citizen.

The suspension follows a petition that was filed at the High Court in Nakuru by Dr. Magare Gikenyi, a surgeon based in Nakuru.

In the petition, Gikenyi sued the Cabinet Secretary for National Treasury, the Cabinet Secretary for Education, the Cabinet Secretary for Interior, the Kenya Revenue Authority and the Attorney General.

In a ruling that was delivered by High Court judge Justice Chacha Mwita, the suspension will last until February 13 when the court will issue further directives.

“That an interim conservatory order is herby issued suspending the Circular or letter by the Principal Secretary (Belio R Kipsang), Ministry of Education dated 31st January 2024, requiring parents/Guardians and or students to pay fees and or any other levies for all government learning institutions through e-citizen platform or any other Digital platform(s) until 13th February 2024, when the court will issue further directions in this petition,” Justice Mwita ruled.

The ruling came days after the Principal Secretary, Basic Education, in the Ministry of Education Belio Kipsang ordered all National Schools principals to submit their schools’ bank details for onboarding on the e-Citizen platform.

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At the same time, the ruling came hours after President William Ruto vowed that payment of school fees via e-Citizen was unstoppable.

“Payment of school fees through ecitizen won’t be stopped since it helps to eliminate the payment of extra levies by some schools,” said President Ruto in Tokyo, Japan.

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