Thursday, September 28, 2023

Chinese man loses Sh. 50 million to ‘househelp’ in Nairobi estate

A Chinese national lost Sh. 50 million to his househelp in Nairobi. The man identified as Wang Daoli lost the money which was in his bedroom in Langata, Nairobi. Daoli went to Langata police station on Friday and informed officers there he had lost the money which was in a safe.

As investigations gain pace, four workers have been arrested including his househelp who he says he left in the house. The others are his driver and two security men. “Police officers visited the scene and established that the bedroom door had not been broken down, hence the possibility of an inside job,” says a police report filed at the Lang’ata Police Station on Friday, February 12 under the OB Number 15/12/2/2021.

The victim told the police that he had gone outside Phenom estate in Langata to celebrate China’s New Year. He left his househelp and driver at the house. He had left his house at about 6.30pm and came back at 11pm. Upon checking, he found the safe containing the money in both Kenyan and US dollars missing.

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Friday ushered in the Chinese Year of the Ox changing over from the 2020 Chinese Year of the Rat.

Police who visited the scene said the bedroom was not broken into. The compound too was also not breached, indicating that the robbery might have been an inside job.

The police are now reviewing CCTV footage to gain further insights into how the theft might have been carried out.

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