Thursday, May 26, 2022

How medical insurance policies saved Kenyans during the dangerous COVID-19 waves

Before the outbreak of COVID-19 in Kenya and globally medical insurance was seen as a luxury and a policy for the ultra-rich by many Kenyans from the working-age groups. This is generally because of little information on the subject matter to the public.

How medical insurance policies saved Kenyans during the dangerous COVID-19 waves

In the wake of the 3rd wave many businesses were down, people unemployed with very few Kenyans having enough money to pay for their medical bills. May People died because they couldn’t afford an ICU bed in good hospitals in the country. And this is because many were paying for their medical bills straight from their pockets and few on insurance cover policies.

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Those who had medical insurance policies majority who got it from Octagon africa, were able to get an ICU bed immediately without having to run a harambe for medical support. For example, anyone who had paid an insurance premium of only Kshs. 28,000 had their medical bills cleared by Octagon to the tune of Kshs. 500,000.

What is medical insurance?

A medical Insurance Kenya is the coverage plan that protects you against risks due to a number of medical conditions. This may include serious illness, chronic diseases, physical injuries, disablement or even death. It covers all expenses before and after hospitalization period.

The purpose of medical insurance is to protect you and your family by indemnifying for expenses that may arise from unexpected injury, illness, or other health risks. Today, medical treatments are so expensive if you want to get treated in a good hospital so you should not contemplate on whether to invest in a medical insurance policy or not. Life is completely unpredictable today and you should feel lucky that you have a choice to secure life by getting the financial protection against the major risks to your life.

With several players in the insurance sector, you are at liberty to opt for a policy that is not only pocket-friendly but also fulfilling our requirements. Typically, every insurance company offers a number of plans, and based on your pre-existing medical conditions and family medical history, you can better that fit your budget and needs.

Benefits of a Medical Insurance Policy

A medical insurance is indispensable when it comes to financially safeguarding your family and yourself in case of any eventuality. While the benefits of an insurance policy are many, it is important to compare and opt for one that serves your purpose in particular as against popular market trends.

1. Having a medical insurance policy covers you with the consultation fees or visiting a doctor.

2. In case, you are referred to specialists where the consultation fee is higher and need to go for monthly checkups, your policy will cover you with all the charges.

3. In the event, you are hospitalized as a result of some serious disease or illness, your insurer will meet all the hospitalization expenses including treatment, laboratory tests, medicine cost, accommodation, catering, laundry services, etc.

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4. Usually, the insurance companies cover the cost of drugs recommended by the physician. This may include the medicines obtained from hospital’s pharmacy, or from a chemist accredited by the insurance company.

5. A medical insurance policy typically covers the costs associated with lab tests recommended by the doctor before starting the treatment or analyzing the problem.

6. Some insurance companies include an ambulance benefit.  In this event, the insurance company provides an ambulance to take you to the hospital in case of an emergency.

7. Another one of the many benefits of a medical insurance policy lies in the fact that the policy can extend coverage to the insured’s parents/parents-in-law, spouse and children.

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