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How MP lost Sh76 Million, car and Karen land to conmen

A Member of Parliament was among people who fell for a 2018 investment scheme that saw a number of Kenyans conned off millions of shillings.

According to media reports, the scammers would ask their victims to bring large sums of money for miracle sessions, after which the victims would walk away with fake currency after handing over their hard-earned cash.

The scheme, which was operated in the Westlands area by two Mali nationals and a Kenyan, saw the unnamed legislator take Sh76 million to the conmen who had promised to double the money.

Sudi: I How I was conned Sh. 11 million because of greed

What puzzled many is how the MP went ahead and sold his car and a piece of land in the posh Karen suburbs and took the money to the scammers in the hopes that the money would be doubled.

Sources revealed that another Kenyan lost Sh14 million in the scheme. Most of the victims, however, realized they were being conned when it was too late.

Investigations by the police led to the arrest of three suspects, identified as Abdoulaye Tamba Kouro from Mali, his son Abdala Tamba, and a Kenyan, Anthony Mangangi Munyiva.

The three were found in possession of Ksh1 Billion in fake notes of foreign currency. Detectives were also puzzled by how the two Mali nationals managed to spend years in the country without proper documentation.

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