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Amount of money you need to start a cookware shop

The Kitchen Utensil and Equipment Business can be very profitable if well done. The demand for kitchen equipment in homes and hotels will always be there.

One beautiful thing about the business is that it’s not saturated compared to other businesses like cosmetics and fashion.

Kitchen equipment includes plates, spoons, cups, mugs, jugs, fridges, ovens, microwaves, thermos, gas, forks, etc. They are all important in the house.

To make a kill in this business, you need first to identify a location with a good flow of people capable of buying your products.

For anyone with a limited budget, you can start small and expand with time. If you intend to start this business in Nairobi and other major cities, you will need around Sh400,000, given the rental cost in Nairobi.

Those intending to start the Kitchen utensil business in rural areas can start with Sh100,000 because the rental cost there is not high.

However, the starting cost varies depending on the items you intend to sell. plastic utensils, like plates and cups, are cheap to start, and one can start with as low as Sh20, 000.

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Requirements to start a Kitchen Utensil business

You cannot run any business in Kenya without the government’s approval unless you want constant disruptions by the county council.

If you want to operate peacefully, it is critical to obtain a license from the local county council. The cost of the license ranges from Sh5 000-Sh15, 000, depending on the size of the business.

The best place to purchase your items for sale is Kamukunji because they are sold at a cheaper price there compared to other markets.

To increase your customers, you can advertise your items on social media through Whatsapp status, Facebook, or TikTok, and you won’t miss about 10 people interested in your products. Be keen on the item your customers want more and provide it.

According to Doris Kathure, the founder of Kitchenware Centre, a kitchen utensils shop in Meru, this business is always at its peak in end months and during festivities.

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