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Isaac Kasonde: The 22-Year Old Kenyan Form Four Leaver Building Botswana

Isaac Kasonde is a young Kenyan who runs one of the biggest agricultural and farming companies in Gaborone, Botswana.

On the 10-hectare farm, which operates under the name Wealthpac, Kasonde practices crop, livestock, and poultry farming.

His farming journey began after completing his high school studies in 2018. According to him, he had no plans to join any higher learning institution.

He wanted to join his family in business, a decision that was received with full support by his parents.

“Fortunately, I have very loving parents, I told them that I just wanted to join the family business, and they told me to look for something to do.”

“I decided to go into farming, and they told me to put it on paper; I gave them a proposal, and they were happy with it,” said Kasonde in an interview with YouTuber Tayo Aina.

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On his farm, he grows various vegetables such as spinach, sukumawiki, chili, and pepper. The vegetables are housed in a well-structured net shade to protect them from the harsh climate in the region.

His main market is supermarkets and grocery stores. He also keeps animals such as cows, pigs, and birds, including chickens and ducks.

According to Kasonde, any aspiring agripreneurs should first identify what they want, whether it’s animals or crops, before stepping into the business.

The next thing they need to do is to do research on the selected venture and understand its markets. He added that patience and building networks are key.

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“Farming is not just getting up and making quick cash. You have to have like a 15-20 years plan because providing food for the nation is a big task. It’s something you have to sit down and plan out,” he added.

His family owns another farm in Kenya where they grow maize and other crops. According to him, to acquire land of between 10-25 hectares in Botswana, one will part ways with between Sh11 million and Sh 14 million ($ 80,000 and $100,000), depending on the area.

He has highly benefitted from the government of Botswana, which sometimes provides seeds to him and plough his land using tractors. His advice to young people is to trust their selves in everything they do and give it their best.

“Think long term always so that you can get something fruitful. Anything short-term is not going to work,” Advised Kasonde.

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