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Isuzu East Africa Partners with the Kenya Coast National Polytechnic (KCNP) to Bolster Skills Development

Isuzu East Africa has signed a Memorandum of  Understanding (MoU) with the Kenya Coast National Polytechnic (KCNP) to launch a Partnership  Program that will upskill students to global automotive industry standards.

The Partnership Program will see the Institution’s best automotive students being on-boarded to a one-year course in theory and practical skills in automotive repairs and maintenance tasks,  before being deployed within the Isuzu network.

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Speaking at the MoU signing event in Mombasa, the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Education  State Department for TVET – Dr Esther Muoria urged Technical and Vocational Education and  Training Institutions (TVET) to forge gainful partnerships with industry players,

“It is such partnerships that will help identify market gaps that TVET institutions should fill through  competent training to meet the market demand. This is mainly because priorities have since  shifted from just educating and training to giving skills to the youth.”

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Mary Muthoka, Chief Principal, Kenya Coast National Polytechnic on the other hand stated:

“Technology advancements and changing market needs continue to disrupt how automotive  solutions are offered and delivered. It is therefore the industry’s responsibility to collaborate with  various Education Institutions to enhance skills development among students and future talent.”

On her part, Isuzu EA Managing Director Rita Kavashe said:

“It is our expectation that this partnership will enhance technological skill sets among automotive engineering students under  this initiative, thereby bridging the existing gap between the industry and academia in the  automotive world.”

The collaboration will empower KCNP students to carry out in-depth, hands-on research and garner  insights into the intricacies of technologically advanced vehicles. Students will study a wide range  of parts, technology, and systems, including fuel systems, engines, ignition systems, vehicle  chassis, and body engineering, and much more.

“Through this partnership, tomorrow’s innovators will be empowered with first-hand knowledge in automotive systems. This will also enhance the future of their employability to make them  industry-ready for Isuzu or the market,” Rita Kavashe added. 

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Commenting on this partnership, Isuzu EA Board Chairman, Hiroshi Hisatomi stated,

“At Isuzu  East Africa, we leverage partnerships like this to impact communities around us through market experience and innovative logistics solutions. Our focus is to grow with our communities  sustainably, building experts who will continue to add value to themselves and future generations.”

Isuzu EA has in the past taken positive strides towards educating and fostering skill development  in the automotive industry. Such initiatives act as an ideal platform to brainstorm new technologies  and motivate youngsters to be at the forefront of innovating for the automotive industry.

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