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Masters graduate with top CV begs for job to help sick mom

Education is key, so most were told when in their formative years at school. What has changed over the years?

Jared Bosire Momanyi is one of the many unemployed young graduates who now reflect on their education with frustration. They wonder if their academic merits will truly go unnoticed. If so, it becomes a bitter pill to swallow.

Jared has recently gone viral on social media since he came out holding his placard appealing for a job from netizens. His viral job request is fuelled by the need to help his ailing diabetic mother.

With a master’s to his impressive CV collection, the 34-year-old hopes that employers who get to see his qualifications take him in.

“Help! Help!! Help any job to help a sick mother,” it read

Some Kenyans who were impressed by the show of genuinity and his academic brilliance as displayed on his placard reshared the post hoping someone would give him a chance.

His banner showed that he holds a Master’s in Procurement and Logistics from JKUAT and a Bachelor’s in Purchasing and Supplies from Rongo University. He also holds a CPA certificate from KASNEB and is an accounting wizard.

Despite all these qualifications, years later, Jared is still yet to land a job. The man graduated with his first undergraduate degree in 2016. His thirst for academic knowledge was not quenched just yet, as he went on to bag a master’s degree in 2021.

“I got my undergraduate degree in 2016 and my master’s degree in 2021. Since then, everywhere I go they ask me for experience…how am I supposed to get experience if no one will give me a chance?” he quipped in an interview.

Jobless graduate who took to streets seeking employment lands top job

In 2020, he found relief when he secured a lecturing position at Kisii University. Jared Bosire was among the hundreds of university staff who faced financial struggles after most institutions succumbed to debt.

The job turned out to be short-lived, and he alleges that he never received any stipend during his tenure at the university.

His bills continue to pile up as life becomes more unbearable, considering his mother’s health.

“She is a widow who suffers from diabetes and as you know, the condition requires a lot of meds and change in diet,” he said.

Bosire noted that he’d prefer to land a job in his field of study, but currently, he is prepared to accept any job that can regain him some financial stability.

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