Monday, September 25, 2023

Jimmy Gathu makes TV comeback with revolutionary health talk show

Veteran Radio and TV presenter Jimmy Gathu is back on the screens with a new health talk show that is running on Standard Media Group owned KTN Home.

Mr. Gathu who has graced local television screens, radio waves, billboards, functions and campaigns as an actor and presenter for more than 25 years is hosting the Doctors’ Practice, a 45-minute weekly talk show modeled on topical health issues affecting society.

The media personality who successfully hosted the Women Leadership Show for the same station is known for influencing change through infomercials like ‘Mpango wa Kando’ that championed fidelity and safe sex.

The Doctors’ Practice which began airing on KTN Home in February is a family show targeting mainly between 28 and 45 year-olds. It is televised every Saturday from 5.00pm with a weekday time repeat and broadcast on KTN Digital.

The show approaches health discussions in a light and possibly humorous manner that eliminates the perceived TV talk show boredom and medical jargon without ignoring the sensitivity of the topic.

It also uses Swangish – an informal hybrid of official English and Swahili languages – for communication, which makes target audience to easily connect to the conversation.

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It offers insights into  a patient’s experience through a  brief conversation with someone who has been affected by the disease on discussion. The professionals on the other hand are engaged in a more creative way with the host, basing on the patients experience,  introducing the topic in a paradoxical manner which paves way for a panel discussion that captivates the attention of both the guests as well as the audience.

“The Doctors’ Practice is a revolutionary talk show that approaches health in a more lighter and humorous way without losing the sensitivity of the issue. It seeks to offer TV viewers opportunity to interact with various stakeholders in the health sector as they seek solutions to current health issues,”

said Alex Kasanduku, CEO Doctors Practice Ltd and a Director at Inburst Coporate Ltd that has established a network of training events and platforms for healthcare across the region.

The show also allows the audience to witness how certain medical procedures are done through in-hospital practical demonstration without showing gory images.

The talk show is aimed at connecting health professionals to the common mwananchi who has limited sources of healthcare information.

“Doctors Practice show has attracted healthcare multinationals, local brands and key stakeholders interested in connecting with the consumers of healthcare services. At the end of every season, we will have a town hall that will bring together the healthcare ecosystem to deliberate on key thematic issues that affect the industry and at the same time Map out key industry growth opportunities,”

said Martin Muli, Chairman, Doctors practice Ltd

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