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This is why employers don’t call you back after a job application

By Benson Bundi

We’ve all been there: an exciting job opportunity opens up, you send in your application, and then… nothing. You don’t hear back after applying for a job, which can be incredibly disheartening.

Applying for jobs is a complex process, so when employers don’t call or email you after putting in the time to apply, it leads to further disappointment. So why exactly do employers not get back in touch?

1.   You Aren’t Qualified

Being unqualified for a position is the main reason why employers don’t call candidates back after a job application. Just because you have excellent skills and experience elsewhere doesn’t mean it translates to that industry or position.

Do some research on the job opening before hitting submit on the application. Ensure your credentials match their requirements to increase the chances of getting called back.

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When companies look through hundreds of applications, it’s about streamlining the process and prioritizing who they want to interview first.

If you need to include specific qualifications on paper, unfortunately, there may be an automatic pass without seeing what else you bring to the table.

2.   The Format of Your Resume is Incorrect

When making a good first impression after applying for a job, think about how your resume looks. Employers often receive hundreds of applications and need to be able to quickly sort through them, so ensure your resume is formatted correctly.

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Keep your font choice consistent throughout, and keep an eye on the spacing between sections. Be sure to pay extra attention to how you present information from past positions – separate each former employer, job title, and years worked with a line break or other formatting technique instead of cramming it all together on one line.

3.  Mismatched Online Profile and Your Resume

Employers look for consistency between your online profile and resume to assess your reliability.

Employers are less likely to call you back after a job application if the information doesn’t match. This is because it makes them question the integrity of your credentials and details, so make sure that what’s on your resume aligns with what you’ve posted online.

Although optimizing for keywords is essential for online profiles, ensure all factual information is accurate and consistent. Not only do people look up background checks these days, but it can be a red flag if employers find any discrepancies. When in doubt, tell the truth – honesty usually pays off in the long run.

How You Can Get Noticed

The best way to stand out is by networking. Rather than relying on a resume, get to know the people in your industry and ask around for open positions.

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This also gives you a great opportunity to learn more about the companies you’re interested in and get an inside peek at their culture. The more proactive you are in your job search, the better your chances of getting noticed.

Other ways to get attention include:

  • Get professional help with your resume: If it needs an upgrade, it’s worth investing in professional service.
  • Send a follow-up email: If you are still waiting to hear back after a few weeks, consider sending an email to follow up.
  • Connect with the hiring manager on social media: social media is a great way to reach potential employers. Follow the company and connect with the hiring manager on LinkedIn or other platforms. Don’t spam them with messages, but commenting on their posts or sharing your relevant content can show that you’re interested and engaged.
  • Attend events and conferences: As part of your job search strategy, attend industry events where you can meet potential employers in person.

Parting Shot

When getting a job, don’t depend entirely on submitting your resume and waiting for employers to call you back. Take the initiative and be proactive in your job search. From networking to attending events, there are many ways to make yourself more visible to employers and increase the chances of getting a call back after you apply for a job.Good luck.

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