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Top 7 Job Interview Questions to Expect in 2023 and How to Answer Them

By Benson Bundi

Are you prepared to ace the job interviews of 2023?

With emerging technologies and new trends in hiring, jobseekers must come ready with their A-game.

To ensure you stay ahead of the curve, here are 7 questions employers might ask in 2023, plus tips on effectively answering them.

1.   Tell Me About Yourself?

It may seem like an open-ended question, but there are certain things employers will expect to hear during your response. To give a standout answer, highlight any experiences that are relevant to the role, such as College/University education and previous jobs.

What you share should demonstrate your unique qualifications and skills compared to your competition.

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This is an excellent opportunity to showcase how passionate you are about the industry and what advantages hiring you may bring to their team. Keep it brief, but let them know why they should pick you as the right person for the job.

2.   Why Should We Hire You?

When answering this question, focus on the skills and experience that set you apart from other candidates and how you would fit into the organization.

Let your enthusiasm for the position shine through, and emphasize your willingness to work hard and push yourself to make meaningful contributions. Use real-life anecdotes to illustrate accomplishments and highlight your professional strengths.

As an interviewee, provide a well-rounded view of yourself – emphasizing your traits such as reliability, teamwork, empathy, and technical qualifications that demonstrate your expertise in the role you’re applying for.

3.   Do You Have a Question for Us?

This question could be tricky since it requires you to take the initiative to ask engaging or thoughtful questions and think on your feet. If asked this question in an upcoming interview, it would be beneficial to come prepared with two or three questions about the role you are applying for.

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This way, you can emphasize your enthusiasm and knowledge of the position; potential employers will appreciate candidates who have researched and evidenced their interest in the job.

Remember to relax and speak naturally when asked this question to let your natural personality shine through.

4.   How Soon Are You Available for this Job?

If you are currently employed, the best option is to research how much notice your current contract requires and answer accordingly.

If not, it’s perfectly acceptable to request one or two days to sort things out before committing to an exact start date; employers understand that extra time may be needed to cover any existing obligations and make arrangements before starting a new position.

5.   What are Your Achievements?

When discussing your accomplishments, avoid personal topics and focus on those professional objectives you met or exceeded. Using quantifiable information, such as figures or percentages, will also be beneficial to support your points.

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For example, if you increased efficiency in a particular area of your job, discuss how much time or money was saved. Doing so will ensure recruiters understand the extent of your success and its impact on an organization.

6.   What are Your Weaknesses?

Identify aspects of your experience or skills that could be seen as a constructive weaknesses. These include not having a particular technical skill or not being familiar with a specific industry area.

You can also talk about taking proactive steps to improve weaknesses through formal training or informal education, like researching online or talking to experts in the field. Additionally, you can showcase how quickly you adapt when given new challenges and your ability to take the initiative and solve problems.

7.   What are Your Strengths?

When asked what your strengths are in an interview, it’s vital to assess how your attributes can directly contribute to the role you are interviewing for.

For example, if you possess great problem-solving and communication skills, being able to explain how those skills can help deliver results when given particular projects might draw attention to you as a potential candidate.

Critical thinking, working well independently as part of a team, and staying organized is worth mentioning.

Although the job interview experience may look entirely new in 2023, by brushing up on these top seven expected questions and ensuring you’re well-prepared to answer them, you can make sure that you put your best foot forward going into the interview.

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