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6 job search mistakes preventing you from getting your dream job

By Benson Bundi

 job search mistakes: We’ve all been there- stuck in a job search rut while feeling completely overwhelmed and frustrated. We beat ourselves up over what we’re doing wrong, yet never seem to stumble upon the answer.

Before you get too deep into your next hunt for gainful employment, take some time to consider the common mistakes made when searching for jobs so you don’t repeat past blunders.

Being disorganized

Being disorganized during a job search is a major no-no. You want to avoid confusion and ensure that you don’t miss any important opportunities from potential employers.

4 Best Ways You Can Effectively Research For A Job Interview

To stay on top of all the applications you’ve sent out and responses, take some time to organize your search. Making a spreadsheet with columns for the jobs applied to, dates applied, and responses received will help ensure you keep track of everything in one place.

Not Preparing for the Interview

Being unprepared for an interview will certainly not impress anyone and may even set a negative tone that reflects poorly on you and your job aspirations.

To avoid this mistake, invest time researching the company, familiarizing yourself with potential questions, and dressing appropriately for success.

Starting Without a Defined Strategy

Start by defining the type of company, role, and responsibilities that interest you most. From there, refine your search with tactics like networking or leveraging the organizations you already know within your professional circles.

Research employers who fit within these boundaries and craft targeted applications tailored to each position. Doing this work upfront will allow you to utilize your time effectively to find the right fit for whatever comes next.

Having Errors on Your Resume

Take the time to read and re-read your work several times before submitting your resume. Even the most eagle-eyed job seekers benefit from having an extra pair of eyes look over their resume.

WARNING: Never Say These Things During A job Interview

Ask a friend or career counsellor to go through it with you – they may easily pick up on something you missed. Avoiding this common job search mistake will greatly increase your chances of finding the right job.

Not Asking Questions During the Interview

Asking questions allows employers to determine if you are genuinely interested in the position and can help demonstrate that you have done your research. Furthermore, it allows you to learn more about the company and its culture and gauge whether this is the right fit for you.

Avoid any temptation to remain silent during an interview; by asking questions, you will appear confident and invested in the hiring process.

Not Using Your Network

Once you’ve begun your job search, one of the best strategies you can employ is to utilize your personal and professional network. This means actively reaching out to people who may be able to provide insight into current job openings or introduce you to relevant contacts in your desired field.

Don’t forget the power of face-to-face conversations; attend industry events, volunteer in related organizations, or arrange meet-ups with like-minded professionals. These tactics will help build strong relationships that can pay off down the road – a mistake here could cost you an invaluable opportunity.


To sum up, job seekers should strive to remain strategic and proactive throughout the job search process. Crafting an effective resume and cover letter, researching employers in advance, networking, and reaching out to your connections are all essential tactics for success.

Knowing what not to do is just as important – avoid punctuation mistakes, rush jobs rather than taking time to craft quality application materials, and only apply for a few positions quickly.

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