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Boy who was gifted first plane ride after passing mock KCSE exams scores A

Hundreds of thousands of KCSE candidates received their results last week. Education CS Ezekiel Machogu noted that 1,146 candidates scored an A plain.

Juma Alex Oyugi from Kisii Boys High School is among the happy lot of students who scored straight As in the final exams.

Months before sitting the exam, Juma was thrust into the limelight when his principal Mr. Fred Mogaka bought him a plane ticket from Kisii to Nairobi and back.

Per his motivational promise to fly A students in a mock exam to Nairobi, the principal delivered.

In the mock exam done by five regional schools, Oyugi attained an A plain of 81 points and was the first student in the exam. As a show of gratitude, Oyugi maintained his exemplary performance in his final KCSE examination.

Oyugi scored an A in English, A in Kiswahili, A in Mathematics, A in Biology, A in Physics, A in Chemistry, A in Geography and a B+ in Business Studies.

Kisii Boys High School has emerged among the victorious schools in KCSE 2022. Of the 527 candidates they registered, 22 students scored As, an increase from 15 in the previous year’s exam.

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“We have 93 A-, 117 B+, 123B, 75B-, 70C+, 20C, 5C- and 2D, which translates to a mean grade of 9.12 representing 95% pass,” Fred Mogaka, the principal commented.

Schools from Kisii and Nyamira shone in KCSE 2022 by posting stellar performances. For example, Nyambaria and Mobamba high schools with 488 and 388 candidates respectively have all students with 100% university transition.

Citizen TV did a random sampling analysis on 12 schools in the region that used to score means of between 5 and 7. They all were now posting means of 9 and 10.

Kakamega senator questioned why schools from these regions performed well, to the extent of flooring big academic giants. He asked why more than 82% of students with As are from Kisii county.

“I didn’t want to talk much. However, my mind is not allowing me, out of 1146 with A in 2022 KCSE, 946 are from Kisii,” he wrote on Twitter.

These allegations have elicited many mixed reactions from Kenyans on social media.

“We hope the emerging allegations of cheating in the 2022 KCSE are just that, mere allegations. The collapse of the education system is the collapse of the nation,” he added.

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