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Kamau Wa Tududu: From working as a tout to owning multi-million car dealership

Kamau, popularly known as Kamaa ‘Wa Tududu,’ is the businessman behind Shaq motors company located in Umoja three Estate along Kangundo road.

His company is popularly known for selling affordable hatchbacks, popularly known as tududu among Kenyans.

His journey to success has not been smooth sailing but was marked with a myriad of struggles. Despite many challenges, he never gave up on his goals and worked hard to actualize his dream.

Kamau revealed he started working as a Kamagera –individuals whose work involves filling passengers in matatus on behalf of the main tout –earning from as low as 10 shillings.

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‘’I would get in the vehicle, and when it’s almost full, I would alight and get in the next vehicle on the line. I was being paid sh 10 for each vehicle,’’ said Kamau in an interview with Sikika Road Safety.

He later landed a job as a tout in a Sacco in Nairobi. While working as a tout, he realized he needed to advance his studies as he had posted good results in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

He raised some money and enrolled in the University of Nairobi (UoN) to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) course.  While in UoN, he was still working as a tout before landing another job at a call center.

He worked at the call center and quit after four years. He had a friend who worked as a taxi driver who inspired him to own a car, as he would lend him his car to drive around, despite not having a driving license.

It was in this process he met two car dealers who introduced him to the car dealership business that has since lifted him into the millionaires club.

‘’I was interested in the business, and I wanted to know how much he was earning and if it was a job I would undertake,’’ he added.

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He started working as a broker and earned Sh. 10,000 for each car sold. While working as a broker was at times challenging, he was able to save enough and acquired a Mazda Demio at Sh. 390,000.

“Being a broker is quite difficult because someone can shortage you, and you cannot do anything because there is no written contract,” he revealed.

He later sold his car at a profit after making some improvements to it. Kamau went on to establish Shaq motors and settled on trading hatchbacks as they have a high clientele and their profit margins are fair.

‘’Instead of getting a Sh. 2 million car, I’d rather get three hatchbacks which I’m sure I’ll sell within a short time,’’ he said.

His yard hosts over 20 vehicles and has currently employed five employees.

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