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Why Kangundo Road is the place to buy land

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Kangundo Road Plots: Do you know that Kangundo Road is currently providing some of the most prime plots for both commercial and residential development? As more Kenyans move out of the heavily congested and costly capital of Nairobi, outskirt areas such as Kangundo Road are proving to be a prime choice for investors. None the least, as is wont to happen to any investment, you will need to be smart and real estate savvy in choosing the company you deal with and the attributes of the plot you put your money on. To give you a deeper perspective on why you should put your money on a parcel of land along Kangundo Road, Bizna Kenya sat down with real estate expert and the director of real estate company, Denver Group, Kennedy Murirmi.

Tell us a little about Denvers Group

The company was founded in the year 2015 with an objective of providing affordable real estate and to empower property investors. Our flagship product is selling of Value Added Plots with ready title deeds in Nairobi and its environs which are enhanced to suit immediate residential settlement, commercial investments, and futuristic, or speculative for capital gain. The companies target market are individuals with disposable income for investment.

Kangundo Road Plots

Why is Kangundo Road the prime place to acquire land? Why should buyers invest in this place? What makes it unique?

Kangundo road is experiencing exceptional growth due to the proximity of the area from Nairobi CBD. Can you imagine that the area is less than an hour’s drive from town? Yes, that is it, meaning that an individual can live as they work and commute daily to the City. Also, it is the only area that is close to the city centre that is not fully occupied. Another factor is the pricing of land in the area, can you imagine you can acquire 1/8 of an acre for just 800,000 Sh. to 1,000,000 less than a kilometre from the main Kangundo road? That is possible.

Denver Properties’ AirBnB rentals revolutionizing real estate in Kenya

The reason why buyers should invest in the area is because of the close proximity to the city centre, affordable prices for the land, availability of public transport to and from the city, and all other amenities are available. The place is unique since one can acquire a big piece of and for an affordable price.

What are some of the properties that Denvers is selling along Kangundo Road? How much are they going for?

We have a projects in Joska and Malaa towns, that is, Brooklyn Ridge Gardens located in Joska town, which is 1.8 km from Kangundo Road for a price of Sh. 800,000 for a 50*100 plot, Grace Gardens Estate located in Malaa town, which is 800 meters from Kangundo road for a price of Sh. 850,000 for a 50*100 plot.

Kangundo Road Plots

The two projects are located in areas that have all the required amenities, that is, water, electricity, schools, hospitals, public transport is available with city shuttle and eastern by pass Sacco buses plying the route and good access roads that are all weather.

What are the Denvers payment terms?

Our Kangundo Road plots come with favourable payment terms where we payment is done cash and also offer Installment options whereby you can book your property with a 45% deposit and the balance payable in 4 months.

There has been an outcry that the real estate sector is stagnating or is a bubble on the verge of bursting. What’s your take on this? What different is Denver Group offering investors?

In regards to the bubble in real estate, my take is that in Kenya considering that we are a developing country, we are yet to reach to that point. As you can see we have large junks of land not developed, for example, Kangundo road development is mushrooming now since the area is in high demand, after the area is fully occupied in another location demand will increase based on the increase in population and the devolved functions of government, thus, the real estate bubble is just a myth.

Denver Group offers serviced value added plots that have ready title deeds. Upon completion of payment, the titles are processed within the shortest time. This has led to so many happy customers returning to invest in our other projects.

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