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Kate Actress: Why I returned money to a brand that needed my influencer services

Renowned actress Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress, is undoubtedly one of the biggest influencers in Kenya.

The talented actress, however, disclosed that she does not accept all gigs coming her way to avoid getting drained as well as to remain relevant to her values.

Speaking during a past Twitter (X) Space hosted by Social Media and Content Marketing Expert Janet Machuka regarding the impact of influencers in driving brand stories, Kate said that she declines offers that don’t align with her values.

According to her, for an endorsement to be successful, both the influencer and the brand must align to win consumers’ trust.

“For me to remain authentic, I’ve learned how to say no to brands I feel that maybe don’t align with my values. I have learned how to hold brands accountable. As an influencer, you are not here to sanitize brands.”

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“I’ve had to return money to some brands because I realized they wanted me to sanitize them in some ways, and I’m not for that,” Kate said.

The Award-winning actress has, over the years, grown to become a big name in Kenya’s film industry. She came into the limelight for her role as ‘Selina’ in the Citizen TV’s Mother-in-Law series back in 2006.

She has been featured in various TV series, including Sue & Jonnie, Plan B, etc. Her acting career has opened doors to more opportunities.

She has been Harpic’s brand ambassador for more than ten years. Kate is also the face of Nice and Lovely – one of the renowned beauty products by L’Oreal, a French-owned global company.

Lately, she has been heavily involved with giant streaming platform Netflix. She doubles up as an entrepreneur as she runs her own beauty and cosmetic product line, House Of Humba Cosmetics.

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