Monday, December 5, 2022

Kenya Mpya to auction its buses. See prices and how to bid

Kenya Mpya is set to auction the majority of its buses. The auction will see the buses go for between Sh. 2 million and Sh. 4 million.

The prices will depend on the condition of the buses. According to a representative from the bus transport company, the decision to auction the buses has been made in order to clear the room for newer bus models.

“Yes, we are auctioning the buses. The move is aimed at offloading the buses as we purchase new fleets,” a representative from the company was quoted in the media.

Buyers who would like to acquire the buses were advised to visit the Kenya Mpya yard that is located along the Eastern Bypass for valuation and bidding.

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“We have a yard where we line up the fleet of buses and also trucks and showcase them to potential buyers. In most instances, those interested are flanked by a valuer who estimates the value of the bus before the negotiations begin,” the representative said.

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