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Step by step on how to update your Kenya Power prepaid token meter

Kenya Power has started a campaign that will see Kenyans who use prepaid token meters update them with new software. The campaign is dubbed “Update Token Meter Yako”. According to the power utility firm, the consumers will use short messages that will be sent to their registered and listed numbers.

“The prepaid power meter is a type of meter with a customer interface unit that has a screen resembling that of a mobile phone which allows customers to manage their power consumption the same way they manage credit units for their mobile phones,” states Kenya Power.

Consumers, who are estimated to be 7.4 million, will be required to update their meters by August 31. So if you are one of these Kenyans who use prepaid token meters, these are the steps you will need to take to update your meter:

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You will first receive two codes from Kenya Power that you will use to reset and update your prepaid token meter. These will be a reset and an update code.

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You will need to ensure that you have entered the 20-digit numbers into the prepaid meter in the correct sequence: reset the code first, followed by the update code.


Once the update is complete, the meter will accept new electricity tokens going forward and will not affect the electricity tariff that you are currently on.

If the meter update is unsuccessful, your prepaid token meter will not accept any generated tokens.

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