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Kenya Power upgrades 2 million prepaid meters

By Natasha Gamalie.

Customers using Kenya Power prepaid meters must upgrade their meters to continue accessing uninterrupted power.

The exercise aims to successfully migrate all prepaid meters and other challenges faced. Customers have until 31st August 2024 to make this update, targeting all prepaid meters using the STS.

STS is the global technique for token vend into prepaid meters, ensuring security in the generation of tokens.

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The power-charged authority will conduct an exercise that is geared at helping all consumers of power to upgrade their meters. Help will always be at hand to ensure the process is smooth and effective.

“A total of 7.4 million prepaid meters are targeted for this exercise. All prepaid meters that are not updated by the deadline will stop accepting tokens. We have put in place elaborate measures to ensure all our customers are fully assisted in updating their meters to continue enjoying our services,” said Kenya Power’s Managing Director and CEO, Joseph Siror.

KPLC have ensured that prepaid clients get all the information that will enable them to fast-track the updating of meters.


Prepaid customers will receive a message after purchasing the tokens, requesting them to update their meters.

If consumers fail to purchase tokens before the stipulated deadline elapses, they will directly receive two codes, a reset code and an update code, that will notify them to update their meters.

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Speaking at a stakeholder-customer engagement Wednesday, Kenya Power CEO Joseph Siror said the exercise is free of charge and any other form of payment.

“I would like to emphasize that this exercise will be free and therefore no customer will be required to pay to have their meter updated,” Joseph Siror, Kenya Power CEO stated.

It, therefore, means that this initiative is for securing efficient access to energy; hence, all the customers are encouraged to take part in the mentioned exercise to keep enjoying the supply of electricity.

The power authority averred there would not be any difference between the costs of electricity after the prepaid meter is updated.

The power authority also advised that customers are expected to load all underutilized tokens before the update of such meters, as failure to do this will render such tokens invalid.

Challenges will also be loading the prepaid meter codes in cases where the user fails to update his or her token.

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