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Inside Kenya’s most expensive hotel charging Sh. 1 million per day

What is Kenya’s most expensive hotel? Well, there is one that costs up to Sh. 1 million per few hour of the day. Sirai House. Sirai House is a luxury lodge in Laikipia County, Kenya, offering a serene and exclusive wildlife experience.

This enchanting destination is surrounded by indigenous forests, hills, and plains, creating a suitable ecosystem for endangered species.

The lodge is a private home located at the Borana Conservancy. Visitors must reside in it for a minimum of three nights, which triples the cost of the daily rate of KSH 1.16 million for a group of six people as of 2016.

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Before visitors are allowed on the premises, they must answer personal questions to ensure they are like-minded and suitable guests. These questions include what elements best describe them, their best culinary experience, why they want to know more about Sirai House, and who recommended them to the lodge.

Sirai House offers various activities, including game drives, walking drives, riding safaris, flying camping, picnics, and sundowners. The lodge is 50 minutes away from Nairobi County by flight, and visitors must drive for 30 minutes to access the lodge after landing.

The lodge is owned by British businessman Michael Spencer, who is estimated to be worth Sh. 108 billion and has been described as the richest self-made person in the City of London.


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Spencer grew up in England but spent his holidays in Africa and has created a luxurious and private retreat that offers a truly unforgettable wildlife experience.

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