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Inside Kizingo estate in Mombasa, where Kenya’s super billionaires live

Kizingo Estate, a prestigious residential area in Mombasa City, Kenya, is known for its security, proximity to important government institutions, and stunning coastal views.

With landmarks such as Kenya’s State House, the Coast Provincial headquarters, and the Provincial Police headquarters, Kizingo exudes an air of importance and exclusivity.

This article explores the charm and features of Kizingo, including its evolving landscape, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and shopping options.

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Inside the multimillion-shilling country estate of Former South Mugirango MP Omingo Magara in Kajiado County

Nestled in the heart of Mombasa, Kizingo is renowned for its top-notch security measures, making it one of the city’s most desirable residential areas.

The presence of Kenya’s coastal-based State House, the Coast Provincial headquarters, and the Provincial Police headquarters adds an extra layer of security to the neighborhood.


Residents of Kizingo not only relish a profound sense of safety and peace of mind but also have the privilege of sharing their neighborhood with esteemed figures.

Among them is the former Mombasa Governor, Hon. Hassan Joho, who calls Kizingo home.

Over the years, Kizingo has undergone a remarkable transformation, with high-rise buildings dotting its skyline.


These modern architectural marvels have reshaped the landscape, offering residents stunning views of the ocean and cityscape.

The area’s architectural masterpiece is the Aga Khan Academy Complex, perched on a hill and overlooking the iconic Mama Ngina Drive.

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This blend of contemporary design and breathtaking location is a testament to Kizingo’s upscale appeal.

Developers and investors have seized the opportunity to acquire plots, demolish old structures, and construct taller and more sophisticated buildings, reflecting the growing demand for upscale residential properties in the area.

Kizingo also boasts an impressive array of educational institutions, catering to residents’ educational needs.

From Mombasa County National Girls Secondary School and Mama Ngina to Star of the Sea and Coast Girls High School, parents have access to excellent options for their children’s education.

Additionally, Mbaraki Girls, Serani Primary and Secondary School, and Aga Khan High School contribute to the rich educational landscape of the area.

Residents of Kizingo also benefit from convenient access to healthcare facilities.

The Mombasa Hospital, Aga Khan Hospital, and Pandya Memorial Hospital, all prestigious private medical institutions, are within easy reach.

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