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KNEC speaks after all KCPE pupils at Isiolo school scored 75 marks in Science

When you talk about coincidence, there is perhaps none that is greater than all candidates in a school getting the same marks in a single subject.

Yet this is what happened at an Isiolo school. All candidates who sat for KCPE at Brainstar School in Isiolo scored 75 marks in the Science paper.

These marks have raised suspicion and added to the claims that the 2023 KCPE was riddled with irregularities both in its administration, marking and allocation of results.

As these accusations pile up, the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has come out to speak.

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KNEC has ruled out exam malpractice at Brainstar School. The national examinations body says that the exam was a multiple-choice paper, and as result it was possible for all candidates to get the same marks.

Concerns were raised widely on social media after the results of Brainstar School leaked online, leaving many Kenyans to question the circumstances under which a whole class would get the same results in the same multiple choice paper.

However, speaking to the media earlier on, the school’s headteacher Peter Ochieng disputed the results saying that the exam results sheet that had been shared on social media did not contain the results of all the candidates who sat for the exam at the school.

The headteacher added that the total number of candidate who sat for KCPE at the school are 47 and not all got 75 per cent in science.

“We only had 47 candidates sit for the KCPE, however on the list we only have 26 candidates appearing. some students got below 75,” he said.

The results were released by Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu on November 23, 2023. The top candidate in the results posted a score of 428 marks out of the possible 500. He was identified as Michael Warutere from Riara Springs Academy in Nairobi.

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