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KRG the Don: How I Became a Billionaire at a Young age

By Jane Muia

Kenyan artist and entrepreneur KRG the Don has finally opened up on his source of wealth, which has for years remained a topic of discussion among members of the public.

While KRG said he inherited most of his wealth from his grandparents, he revealed that businesses play a big part in his rise.

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“I inherited all my grandparents’ wealth. My grandmother gave my mother her blessings and told her that the child that would be born after her death would inherit all her wealth,”

KRG said.

KRG, who has been in various businesses, revealed his entrepreneurial journey began when he was in High school in Uganda. While in school, he would lend his colleagues some money which they would return with an interest. He would then use the money to buy cheap jeans to come and sell in Kenya during holidays.


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After high school, he joined Kampala International University but realised it was not the right path for him.

“While in the first semester, I compared my dream life with the kind of life I was getting there and realised I was just wasting time. I told my father to stop paying me fees and instead give me the money to start a business,”

Together with his two cousins, they started a club in Uganda before opening another one in Kisii, which still runs up to date. It is in this venture he started to learn the cores of a business. The business was so profitable that he couldn’t know where to take money as he was still a young boy.

He later moved to Donholm in Eastlands, where he started a pool table business. Without revealing the number of pool tables he had, KRG said he would make around Ksh 30,000 daily from the business.

“We charged¬† Ksh 20 per game and there were a lot of customers. At times we worked for 24 hours without sleeping,”

he recalled.

He later sold this business to someone else. At this point, he joined his cousin, who was a then government official, in bidding people on some government tenders. This job was very profitable; he could make Ksh 10 million daily.

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In 2014, he got a tender to supply raw materials to build a new modern railway, SGR, from Ukambani to Nairobi. This deal brought him millions of money and raised him to a billionaire’s mansion.

He revealed that his investments “splurge” is majorly on Land. Other assets under his name include rental property in Lavington, Mombasa road, Naivasha, and Kisii, among other places.

“When I get money, I usually invest in the right place because I knew about investments long ago. I knew if you want to become filthy rich, you must have properties with an appreciating value,”

he said.

He called on young Kenyans to get out of their comfort zones and explore the numerous opportunities in the country. According to KRG, many young Kenyans miss opportunities because they believe they must be poor in their youth.

“Many Kenyans believe you must be poor as long as you are young. Even if you were born in poverty, it doesn’t mean you will die poor. You can come out of that situation because poverty is just a set of mind.”

he said.

KRG had earlier revealed he is worth Ksh 5 billion.

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