Monday, January 30, 2023

Kind landlady hosts bash for tenants, waives January rent

A kind-hearted landlady has given her tenants the perfect Christmas gift. The landlady hosted a bash to celebrate her tenants, during which she announced that she will waiver January rent for them.

“We have lived together for many years, always pass each other on the stairs and yet we don’t know each other,” the landlady said.

“I am very thankful because without you people we wouldn’t be here. There are no landlords without tenants. Having houses with no one to rent them is all in vain.”

The landlady thanked her tenants for supporting her rental business, saying that were it not for them, things would be radically different for her.

“As you eat here, don’t worry about January, nimewaachia rent. I know you have school fees and some of us have other things waiting for us,” she said.

Meru lady refuses to give tithe, offerings to church; Builds poor neighbour Sh. 300k house instead

“We have a very good relationship and it was time to appreciate you. Mimi sipelekangi pesa kanisa , nyinyi ndio kanisa yangu, ( I never take money to church, you are my church).

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