Friday, December 1, 2023

George Mulala: What living in America has taught me about jobs, greener pastures

Every year thousands of people make the effort to immigrate to the United States of America in search of better jobs. The US is after all hailed as the land of milk and honey.

But how accurate is this? Do jobs in US fall down like manna? A Kenyan living in US, George Mulala, has experienced it all. He shared his take as follows:

“The United States of America has taught me a great lesson. That the best jobs are the ones you employ yourself. And that your climb to the top is easier if you already have passion for whatever it is you want to pursue. I found out that your passion is right there with you. The stuff you care for.

What do you spend your day doing?  That’s your passion.

Do you spend your day cleaning and arranging your apartment? Can you do that for someone else?

That if you have old parents, for example, who need care, can you turn your home into a daycare for the old?.

If you spend all day taking care of your kids can you bring in neighborhood kids and have a kid’s daycare?  Right there in your living room?

If your passion is working in the garden, can turn your 50 x 100 plot into a vegetable factory.

If you love cooking can you start a food delivery to your neighbors? Start with 5 then 10…..start a company right there in your kitchen.

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If you love to work out can you use your great looks to make clients book sessions? Use your own body to market workout courses?.

If you are a retired primary school teacher, you start after-school MATH coaching right there in your sitting room? In Whatever subject you fancy? This reminds me my son is hunting for a maths coach of this nature.

Whichever vocation you are competent in there is a child/parent wanting this training.

There are Kenyans sitting in their homes with so much expertise in various vocations.

Agriculture would benefit the most. How many Kenyans know how to graft mangoes, avocados, and oranges?, or are they experts in indigenous tree propagation? Using traditional know-how.

If you turn your passion into a career you will never have to work in your life.”

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