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Lady in tears over passport processing delays, loses two jobs abroad in a year

Many Kenyans, especially the youth, are very familiar with the challenges they face when obtaining a passport. A Kenyan lady has shared her frustrations about the difficulties she faced in the process, consequently costing her two overseas jobs.

Lucy Wambui, the woman in question, took to social media crying about the missed life-changing opportunities. She said that she submitted her passport application in April 2023 and has been consistently following up on its status, yet she has received little to no assistance.

“I had a working trip last year. I was supposed to travel for work. I didn’t because I took all the documents to Nyayo to show that my trip was urgent and it was work-related and nothing was done,” she said.

“I lost my first job and now I’m at the verge of losing my second when I’m just beginning in my career. I have been given until January 30th to submit my passport,” Wambui lamented.

She narrated that she has been going to Nyayo House every day, starting 8 am, seeking assistance and leaving at 5 pm, head down and dejected, ready to try again the following day.

Wambui went on to disclose that majority of people standing in those lines are frustrated youth who have tried for so long to get their passports and look for jobs outside the country. However, they have been very unfortunate.

“It’s so bad that this is happening, especially the government that is in power is a government that we elected on the basis of hustler but what,” Wambui lamented.

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Wambui, spoke on behalf of so many Kenyan youths, who resonated with her plight of losing many jobs abroad due to slow passport processing.

Interrior CS Kithure Kindiki visited the immigration offices in 2023 to align the officials to help serve Kenyans faster. According to many social media users, his trip to Nyayo house, the main passport collection center saw matters streamlined for a few weeks before normal operations returned.

Here are some of the comments from the post shared by Lucy Wambui:

gathoniee: I applied for a passport late last year, paid extra money to bribe the guys .. 8k to be precise. I applied on Monday and got it on Friday, same week. What I’m saying is, you can’t beat the system. unaona tu 8k imeenda hivyo. It’s either uhonge ama you wait for months and years. Nyayo house is plagued and infested by cartels . Kindiki goes there anastir up vitu for PR then after he leaves wanarudia nkt.

_fanellty_culture: Guys don’t expect the government to come to your aid, it’s time to develop a relationship with Jesus and I’m not saying that He will give you a passport or something but you’ll find peace in all this chaos happening around the country

papichulo._ke._: Wapatie 10k itoke hiyo siku

mama_plants1: Na president amesema anataftia watu kazi majuu. Waende aje? Kama pirates?

karnydaniel: But si walisema Kenya is a visa free country?

salesio_mor: Ruto has failed Kenyans miserably.

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