Sunday, April 2, 2023

Making the most of low season in Academic Writing in 2023

By Benson Bundi

If you’re in the academic writing industry, you are probably aware of the high season that has been ongoing since September. However, this season officially ended as students abroad broke for the Christmas holidays.

The academic writing industry is heavily tied up with the school calendars of most European, American, and Australian countries.

For the uninitiated, high season is when the flow of academic writing jobs is high. Like any business, the writing industry has its low and high seasons. The low season has its flow of orders, though not as many as the high season. The recent high season started in September and ended as students abroad broke for the Christmas holidays.

Although the flow of jobs will be low in the low season, it’s not all gloom and doom. To begin with, this is the best time to evaluate your strategies if you’re a writer or account owner.

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Did you meet your targets for the year 2022? Were you able to achieve the amount of money you wanted in your bank account? If there was a month in which you did not achieve your goals, what caused it? Was it because you overpaid your writers? Was it because you were too lazy?

Were you able to recruit enough writers and supply them with enough jobs? If you did, congratulations. If you achieved your goals, now is the time to raise the bar for the next high season.

Making the most of low season in Academic Writing in 2023 - Bizna Kenya
Making the most of low season in Academic Writing in 2023 – Bizna Kenya

Secondly, the low season is an excellent time to consider investment options that can help you save and grow your hard-earned money. These range from stocks and bonds to cryptocurrency, agribusiness, and real estate.

If you’re looking to buy a writing account, this is the best time to do so, as account prices soar during the high season and vice versa. You can also consider alternative earning methods, such as training new writers.

Thirdly, this is the best time to air your writing organization. You can hold virtual or physical meetings with your account managers, writers, bidders, and anyone else who is part of your business. In your session, ask yourself whether there is anything you need to improve. It’s also the time to set Smart goals for 2023. After all, this is your business.

Finally, the low season is perfect for taking time off work and recharging your physical, mental, and emotional batteries. Most of us are wired to think of ourselves as lazy if we are not working. However, this is a dangerous mindset. It’s important to take time off work and relax. Treat yourself to a well-deserved vacation.

Visit your relatives upcountry. Alternatively, if you’re an indoors person, go ahead and binge on the entire Breaking Bad series. Pat yourself for working hard, not succumbing to sleep, and sticking to your goals. This will reenergize you for the coming high season.

It’s not always gloom and doom during the low season. This is the best time to reevaluate your priorities and set new goals for the next high season.

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