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Makini Schools unveils a tech-enabled learning platform for enhanced academic success

Makini Schools, which is part of the ADvTECH Group, has announced the rollout of ADvLEARN an innovative digital learning tool that uses adaptive learning technology to enhance learning outcomes.

ADvLEARN offers a personalized approach to learning by empowering teachers to identify and address knowledge gaps in key subjects which elevates students’ success and academic excellence through the use of AI-generated data insights.

This ground-breaking innovation is set to be fully operational by May 2024 in all Makini Schools. ADvLEARN platform has been successfully rolled out to all 36 campuses within the ADvTECH schools divisions, positively impacting over 13,500 students.

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ADvLEARN creates a secure online environment that complements traditional classroom learning by offering personalized assignments to learners enabling real-time progress monitoring by teachers.

The platform also equips teachers with precise insights into each student’s strengths and weaknesses allowing teachers to tailor teaching to suit the needs of learners, addressing specific learning gaps. As a result, it fosters a more effective educational experience.

The data analysis conducted by ADvTECH reveals that students who regularly engage with the platform experience marked improvements in their subject grades, with progress rates between 15% and 29%. This indicates a potential effectiveness in embracing technology in education.


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To support this initiative, a significant investment of Sh.150 million has been allocated for infrastructure upgrades across all Makini Schools in Kenya.

This will enable the schools to expand Wi-Fi accessibility both inside and outside classrooms, state-of-the-art projectors, and sound bars, ensuring a seamless transition to online lessons when needed.


Additionally, Makini teachers will be equipped with the latest devices and training enhancing their teaching capabilities.

Speaking at a roundtable session with technology and education journalists, Mr. Horace Mpanza, Makini Schools Regional Managing Director, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration.

“ADvTECH is committed to delivering digital innovation in education that will enhance the quality of academics offering in all our schools and equip students with the tools they need to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of modern learning. “

Upon completing the infrastructure upgrade, all Makini teachers will undergo training facilitated by ADvTECH’s Central Academic Team, led by Academic Director Ms. Desiree Hugo. The rollout of ADvLEARN is scheduled to commence in May this year.

Ms. Hugo conveyed confidence in the transformative potential of ADvLEARN, stating, “We are confident that ADvLEARN will usher our schools into the next phase of tech-enabled learning by leveraging the benefits of AI. Our community of teachers in Kenya has shown great enthusiasm for the platform, and we look forward to its successful integration into learning at Makini.”

ADvTECH has already implemented ADvLEARN in 36 schools in South Africa, with more than 150 teachers and over 13,000 students using the platform.

With ADvLEARN’s widespread implementation, ADvTECH solidifies its position as a leader in pioneering educational solutions.

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