Friday, December 1, 2023

Martha Karua: Why I dumped Kenya Power for solar at my home

Senior Counsel Martha Karua who is also has opened up on how she stopped using Kenya Power and opted for solar.

In an interview with a local media house, Karua narrated how exorbitant power costs that Kenya Power could not justify pushed her towards solar.

“I remember how emotional I was on September 13 (2023) when I was told that my upcountry power bill was Sh. 85,000, which never reaches Sh.3,000 because it’s only lighting,” she said.

“We have one homestead: my parents’ side and our side. It’s one house joined by a corridor. So their bill is typically not much higher than on our side because our side is hardly used. I was so upset because it was outright theft.”

Ms. Karua narrated that when she called the area Kenya Power, the utility firm claimed the bill was caused by an error.

“When I called a local Kenya Power person, they said they keyed in the wrong number,” she said.

To make matters worse, this was not the first time that she was being unfairly slapped with an unjustifiable bill by Kenya Power.

Ms. Karua said that such an incident was the reason she had chosen to get rid of power from Kenya Power at her Nairobi home and instead chose to go the self-sufficient solar power way.

“The same thing happened to my house here in Nairobi. I was so mad I just decided to go solar, and I wish for the day I will put up solar in the village,” she said.

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She lamented that if such undue bills were being sent to her, how many other Kenyans without the ability to protest were being scammed.

“If it’s happening to me, it’s happening to many others who might not even be able to follow up for corrections the way I did,” she said.

“Plus, how many people will be able to do solar? They hiked the taxes on solar. The worst pain is injustice by a government-funded by your taxthe”

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