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Martin Kangangi: From hawking cabbages to co-founding Murang’a Shuttle

Martin Kangangi Wairimu is the businessman behind the popular Murang’a shuttle sacco that plys the Murang’a, Thika, and Nairobi routes.

Kangangi also serves as the Chairman of the Sacco. His success in entrepreneurship did not happen overnight, and he had to walk a long journey that he is presently proud of.

Kangangi’s entrepreneurial journey started way back in 1996 at Mukuyu market, where he worked as a cabbage hawker. Years later, he landed a tout job working at the Mukuyu stage.

It was while at this job that he developed an interest in the matatu industry. Two years later, he acquired his first matatu .

Determined to provide reliable transportation services, Kangangi worked tirelessly as both the owner and tout of the matatu.

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In collaboration with five others with whom they shared a similar vision, they registered the now famous Murang’a shuttle Sacco.

The Sacco is one of the most regulated in Kenya. It has created a reputation for itself for maintaining disciplined and well-trained drivers who prioritize safety and adhere to traffic regulations.

According to Kangagi, the Sacco carries regular random inspections at least three times per month so as to guarantee travelers’ safety.

“All our vehicles are occasionally inspected to ensure they are roadworthy. Drivers who are found flouting traffic rules are disciplined accordingly,” said Kangangi, as quoted by KNA

Kangagngi and his team attribute their success to several key factors, including offering competitive prices for transportation from Murang’a to Nairobi and making their services affordable to commuters.

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