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Kenyan tycoons supplying Kenya Power with concrete utility poles

The supply of concrete utility poles plays a vital role in Kenya’s power infrastructure development, and several prominent Kenyan tycoons and politicians have made significant contributions to this sector.

These influential individuals have not only established successful businesses but have also secured lucrative tenders from Kenya Power, enabling them to supply concrete utility poles across the country.

In this article, we will explore the achievements and contributions of some of these notable figures in Kenya’s concrete pole supply industry.

Peter Munga

Peter Munga, the esteemed founder of Equity Bank, emerged as a prominent figure in the realm of concrete pole supply.

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Notably, his company, Greystone Industries Ltd, in conjunction with Kiewa Group Ltd, which is owned by his family, secured a lucrative tender worth Sh35 million in 2020 for the supply of concrete poles.

The concrete poles plant, spearheaded by Mr. Munga, was established in 2015.

It was brought to fruition through a substantial investment of Sh1 billion, which was commissioned by other than President William Ruto.

Patrick Wainaina

Thika Town Member of Parliament, Patrick Wainaina, made noteworthy strides in the realm of concrete pole supply through his company, Jungle Energy (K) Ltd.

Mr. Wainaina, alongside Ms. Hellen Wambui Kimani, jointly owns the company, which was established in 2013 and operates under the same address as per official records at the company registry.

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Notably, the MP holds a substantial 90 percent share in Jungle Energy (K) Ltd.

Rai Company

In 2020,  two companies associated with the renowned Rai Group Limited, led by tycoon Jaswant Rai, emerged victorious in Kenya Power’s tenders for the supply of concrete and wooden poles, amounting to a staggering Sh1.198 billion.

Timsales Limited, a sister company of Rai Group, provided wooden poles valued at Sh. 112.87 million, while Rai Cement, another subsidiary, was awarded the tender to deliver concrete poles worth Sh. 70.13 million.

The directors of Timsales include Jaswant Singh Rai, Onkar Singh Rai, and Tejveer Singh Rai, while Rai Cement is represented by Sarbjit Singh Rai, Rajbir Singh, Chetan Vyas, and Ndovu Milling Ltd.

Other big winners in wooden poles tenders include Gilgil Treatment Industries (Sh. 104.14 million), Panocal International (Sh. 96.22 million), Line Enterprises (Sh. 92.65 million) and Oasis Capital (Sh. 82.47 million.).

Yash Poles

Yash Poles, a company owned by Mr. Darshil Kamal Shah and Mr. Savan Kamal Lalji Shah, emerged victorious in a Kenya Power tender, securing a substantial contract worth Sh. 57.4 million.

Power Solutions Ltd, with its headquarters located on Riverside Drive in Nairobi, has expanded its operations across the East African region.

The company collaborates extensively with governments, particularly in the establishment of power infrastructure, which encompasses the construction of transmission lines and substations.

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Recently, Power Solutions Ltd achieved a significant milestone by securing a tender valued at Sh. 30.7 million.

In addition to the aforementioned companies, there were several other companies involved in the supply of poles.

Meru Supplies Industries generated sales of poles amounting to Sh. 28.7 million, while Regional Royal Transmission delivered poles valued at Sh. 26.7 million.

Africa Energy Group Limited secured a contract worth Sh. 20.8 million, Line Enterprises Company supplied poles worth Sh. 17.7 million, ABM holdings earned Sh. 14.4 million, Olive Constructions and Suppliers Limited received Sh. 10.7 million, and Makuyu Concrete Products Limited provided poles valued at Sh. 4 million.

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