Kenyans have been left stranded as Sacco’s operating from Nairobi to western part of the country raised fare.

Kenyans traveling to various destinations towns of Bungoma, Kimilili and Kitale have been left stranded after a section of matatu operators decided to hike prices.

According to study done by Bizna Kenya, it has been noticed that at least Ksh. 300-600 has been added to normal rates for vehicles traveling from western part of the country to the capital.

From the usual Sh. 1000 From Kimilili, Bungoma, and Kitale to Nairobi. The Sacco’s playing this routes to Nairobi since 30th December 2018 until today 4th, has been charging between Ksh. 1400-1800 to Nairobi.

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Bizna Kenya has identified empty return from the capital as the reason why Sacco’s have raised bus fare. During such celebrated festive season of the year. People usually travel to one side with most psv vehicles making almost empty returns.

It is for this reason that many matatu operators would want to have risk shared between them and travelers.

Starting Dec. 31 2018 Great rift has been charging Ksh. 600 more from Kimilili to Nairobi instead of the normal Ksh.1000. The government had warned early that it will revoke the license of the Sacco’s that will increase fare from the usual price.

NTSA stops giving 14-seater matatu licenses

Even though the government had warned on the revocation of licenses should matatu operators hike fares. There is no proper guidelines in our constitution that govern how matatu should work out on what they should charge travelers.

Kenyans have always been treated with drama from matatu operators during December holidays. In among many ways the government should enter into the sector as a regulator to ensure it brings sanity in matatu sector. Last year the move by the government to bring NYS buses on the road was a good move from the concerned ministry.

All eyes are on the NTSA boss Francis Major following his directive that any Sacco’s will be denied operations license should they boycott the directive.

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