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Comedian MCA Tricky flaunts scoring As in Mechatronics Master’s degree

Popular Comedian Francis Munyao, better known as MCA Tricky has recently made waves on his Instagram after revealing the results of his Master’s Degree in Mechatronics.

Tricky showcased his result slips from JKUAT to his online fans, maintaining that he is very dedicated to his studies.

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In his year of study, MCA Tricky completed 4 key units in his academics, scoring a B in Manufacturing systems, an A in Advanced Sensors and Actuators, an A in Research Methodology and a C in Applied Mathematics.

Tricky decided to inject some humour using the iconic catchphrase ‘Mwalimu wa Math’, which is popular in the Kenyan scene.


“I am now comfortably proceeding with my thesis development; nitawatumia ingine sasa kuwauliza hapa ni wapi,” he expressed in the video.

MCA Tricky graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kenyatta University, scoring a second-class upper. In an act of pursuing his dreams, despite having the fame and money, he decided to move for a Masters degree in January 2022.

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He candidly expressed in a past interview that he only saw comedy as a temporary means of surviving. He further asserted the future of Kenya’s industrialization lies in Mechatronics.

“JKUAT Master’s Degree loading. 2022, we hit the ground running. Let’s now MECHATRONICISE kidogo!! People should go to school and improve the living standards of this country, we are tired,” he said.

In a previous interview, MCA Tricky mentioned that he initially faced challenges balancing his comedy performances on Churchill Show with his university coursework.

He noted that at one point, his grades dropped drastically from 73 points to 59 points. Tricky attributed the decline to the fame and having to balance between the school of arts & school of engineering.

“Kiburi, jina, brand. Daro mpaka watu wa school of arts wanakuja school of engineering kukaa class, ma-lecturer wananiita kushika microphone. Sikoncentrate. Ilikuwa noma but nikang’ang’ana.”

However, he now remains committed to making the most out of his demanding career.

“Mechatronics is the future of industrialization, unacombine manufacturing ile ya kawaida inatumika Kenya una-advance na kutumia robots and cut costs.”

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