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Thursday, July 9, 2020

How TSC, KNUT conspire to ‘defraud’ teachers via medical deductions

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Minet Insurance: AON Minet is an insurance company that is contracted by Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to provide medical services to teachers in Kenya. The following article does not in any shape or form represent the official stand of Bizna Kenya. The views expressed herein are solely those of the author:

Let’s look at how much money we are talking about:

TSC Medical Scheme Contributions Per Cadre;

Teachers in job group B5 (p1 teachers) have their monthly deductions at Kshs. 954 per teacher.

In job group H, the deduction/ contribution per teacher per month is Kshs. 1,200.

In job group K, the contribution per month per teacher range from Kshs. 1860 to Kshs. 1897.

The promotions and salaries teachers will get this July

In job group L, the monthly contribution to the scheme is Kshs. 2246.

In job group M, the deduction is so huge. The monthly deduction is Kshs. 2,688.

in job group N, the amount is just too punitive. Here, the monthly deduction is Kshs. 3,044.

Benefits from the Scheme

As seen above, the money that is being made to the scheme is extremely high. Have you as a teacher ever been given the said services?

This is a Perfect Cash Cow by KNUT and TSC

Sadly enough KNUT has been lukewarm, commenting very little or none whatsoever over this scheme. This scheme is unheard of in several counties in the country.

To add more salt to the injury in some hospitals nurses and doctors are surprised if you tell them that you are supposed to be covered under this scheme as they have never heard about it.

There is suspicion that the money collected by the scheme is benefiting some few individuals. That speculation triggers a lot of interest given the total amount collected by the scheme per month.

As you struggle to earn a living by your meagre peanuts, there is an automated system, that is the source of some real money to the unknown individuals.
There is no doubt that these individuals are in TSC, the insurance provider as well as KNUT itself.

Let’s do the Maths here of how much they are milking us:

How much does the scheme generate per month? It is not enough to just say the scheme is a cash cow without quantifying how much the scheme makes from the teachers on a monthly basis.

Here is the ESTIMATED total amount of contributions per month per job group, depending on the number of teachers per job group:

Contributions Per Month (in Kshs)

G(P1) 90,690,099.75
H 32,973,864.83
K 55,007,553.46
L 74,389,021.42
M 64,675,196.21
N 21,223,760.98

How are the figures Arrived at:

The total number of members in KNUT per job group was multiplied with the amount of monthly deduction per job group.)

Notice that the figures have not included job group J, Q and R. Therefore, the total amount collected by the medical scheme is much higher than the figures shown above.

Notice that the figures are in millions so that the monthly contributions are summarized as shown below.

Contributions Per Month
B5 (P1) Kshs. 90.69 Million.
H Kshs. 32.973 Million.
K Kshs. 55.008 Million.
L Kshs. 74.389 Million.
M Kshs. 64.675 Million.
N Kshs. 21.224 Million.

Based on contributions from P1 teachers alone, the scheme collects Kshs. 90 million per month!!

This is very sad indeed. It’s unfortunate that our Unions which purports to be fighting for our rights are cohorts milking us dry in broad daylight. Minet Insurance.

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