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Moi family in Sh. 300 billion bitter inheritance fight

The family of the late president Daniel Moi is rocked in a fresh battle over multi-billion properties that were left behind by the late president. This is after one of Moi’s grandson went to court in protest over his inheritance. The grandson, Collins Kibet Toroitich Moi, is the child of the late Jonathan Moi.

In court documents, Collins says that his grandfather was worth over Sh. 300 billion. He says that his grandfather’s wealth is spread across the world, including the United Kingdom, Australia and Malawi.

A death certificate for the former late president showed that he succumbed to recurrent pneumonia. Moi’s death was caused by asystole due to septic shock due to candid and klebsiella septicaemia due to recurrent pneumonia, details contained in the death certificate show. Moi died on February 4, 2020, at the age of 95 years.

The inheritance fight comes weeks after it was revealed that the late Moi had left his three daughters Sh. 300 million. The daughters are Jenifer Chemutai Moi, Doris Chekorir Moi and June Chebet Moi.

His five sons got hundreds of hectares under the Kabarak University trust. The share of for the sons was set in a such a manner that it will benefit late Moi’s grand kids. The sons are listed in the will as Jonathan Kipkemboi Moi, Raymond Moi, John Mark Moi, Philip Moi and Gideon Moi. The late Moi had however excluded the 19.7-acre Muthaiga land, registered as LR No. 12422/19, from his Will dated November 15, 2005.

Collins has blamed lawyer Zehrabhanu Janmohamed who is the executrix and trustee of Moi’s will for the financial troubles he is currently facing. He alleges that the lawyer has staged a plot to disinherit him. “The respondent/executrix has maliciously and unlawfully attempted to disinherit and defraud me out of my beneficial share of the deceased’s estate by intentionally excluding me as a beneficiary of the deceased’s estate, despite all the material times being well aware that I am the eldest biological grandchild of the deceased,” said in court papers that were quoted by local newspaper The Star Kenya.

He added that lawyer Janmohamed only takes instructions from one of late Moi’s beneficiary whom he did not name. “The respondent/executrix appears to be taking instructions from one particular and undisclosed party despite the fact she should be engaging all estate beneficiaries including myself in a fair, uniform and transparent manner,” he said.

Collins further said that properties of the late Moi were being sold in secret. “The property known as Kimintet A No.1 measuring over 1,000 acres is currently in the process of being unlawfully and secretly sold to a third party before the impugned grant of probate is confirmed by this Hon. Court as required by law,” he said. He pointed out the recent sale of Siginion Group’s aviation wing shares at Sh. 1.7 billion.

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“The executrix has demonstrated that she cannot be trusted to solely administer the deceased’s estate…the respondent (Janmohamed) has notably failed to account for the status of the said sale proceeds amounting to over Sh. 1.7 billion despite the applicant’s various requests,” he said in the court papers. He further alleged that the trustee is enjoying the fruits of Moi’s estate and has awarded herself legal fees of Sh. 50 million.

Collins recently hit the headlines over his legal troubles in a child support case. He shocked the court in Nakuru after alleging that he is unable to pay child support for his two children because he is broke and out of work. Kibet told the court that he can only to pay Sh. 500 child support which is only enough to cater for his children’s NHIF monthly fees.  Moi grandson Collins Kibet said that he has been relying on donations from friends and relatives to survive.

“I am financially strained at the moment and [unable] to offer more than what I am offering here and the applicant, who is my immediate neighbour at home ,knows this fact very well,” said Kibet. “As a result of my depression diagnosis and the resultant loss of business, my personal finances have been greatly affected to the point where I depend on the goodwill of my friends and relatives to meet my immediate needs.”

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