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Revealed: The billions of money and businesses owned by Moi family

Moi Family Wealth: The late Daniel arap Moi, who ruled Kenya for 24 years, and his family rank among the richest Kenyans with an estimated wealth in hundreds of billions of shillings. In line with the New World Wealth report, the Moi family easily fits in the centimillionaire category.

The family has interests in various sectors, including banking where they hold shares in more than two banks, the oil industry, insurance, hotel and tourism, maritime and freight, media, manufacturing, airline and transport. The Moi family is also big in land ownership, real estate and education.

His  net worth estimated to be in excess of $3 billion (about Sh. 310.2 billion). This is wealth accumulated before, during and after the former President’s 24-year rule (1978- 2002), with his children, among them, Baringo Senator Gideon Moi expanding the family dynasty further.

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According to Africa Confidential, a fortnightly newsletter covering politics and economics in Africa, Moi’s capital is “held in trust by relatives and friends, and in front companies in Kenya, offshore tax havens and several major international banks”. This includes Union Bank of Switzerland, where the Moi dossier “is treated as a matter tantamount to national security”.

According to a report that appeared in a The Star newspaper on Wednesday, “the list of property and investments owned or co-owned by the family and its partners is endless, with former Moi’s right-hand man (late) Nicholas Biwott’s family being a major investment partner. His former private secretary Joshua Kulei is another man who has held and run Moi’s multibillion-shilling business empire for decades. The family has over 100 companies across different sectors, with interests in many other public and privately owned business locally, in Africa and overseas.”


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The report on Moi family wealth further says:

The Mois either fully own or have shares in a number of banks and financial entities. Among them is Trans-National Bank, Equatorial Bank, First American Bank, Giro Bank ‚ Giant Forex Bureau, Equity Stock Brokers and Sovereign Group.



The family owns Standard Group, the parent company to Kenya Television Network (KTN), Standard Newspaper and a number of radio stations, including Radio Maisha. Other subsidiaries include Rowland Printing and Baraza Limited.

Transport and logistics

In the transport sector, the family owns Siginon Group, East Africa’s largest integrated logistics services provider, which incorporates Siginon Global Logistics, Siginon Aviation and Siginon Freight Holdings. The over 30- year-old end-to-end logistics and air cargo solutions provider is based in Kenya with operations in Tanzania and Uganda. The family also own Kent Ship, Maritime, Eagle Airlines, Kenya Aerotech Ltd and Car Track Kenya Ltd and interests in CMC Holdings. It is also said to own part of the Kenya Airways fleet.

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Real estate

In real estate, the Mois are associated with Sielei Properties Ltd, Chester House, Mugoya construction, Regent Management (believed to be about 200 houses), Paradise Holdings, Homestead Enterprises , Gateway Properties and Courtyard Property Investment. The family also owns homes in Lavington House, Karen Residence, Nakuru Residence. It owns several unidentified properties in the United States of America and has property interests in South Africa.


The family has huge investments in agri-business, with entities such as the Sasine Group of farms, Fresh Produce Ltd, Chemusian Company, Sian roses, one of the leading fresh roses exporter, and Kiptagich Tea Estate. The family also owns a Tobacco Farm in Malawi (100%).


The family has invested in the telecommunication sector, with interests in Chesco Ltd, Cable Wireless and sizable shares in Safaricom Kenya (together with Biwott and Charles Field Marsham).


Some of the common institutions owned by the Moi family include Nairobi-based Sunshine National School, Kabarak University and Kabarak High School, Sacho High School, Moi Educational Centre and the Moi Africa Institute Kabarnet Gardens, with interests in many other international schools and local institutions.

Hotel and tourism

In the hospitality industry, huge investments lie in hotels, among them Sheraton Group (Sheraton Holding), InterContinental Hotels and Safariland Club, with other investments spreading across the industry.

General business and others

Other entities owned or with shareholding of the Mois are Taurino Enterprises, Giant Holdings Ltd, Revak Ltd, Sudbury Ltd, Sudbury Investments, Westfield International Ltd, Hampstead Enterprises, Metipso Services Ltd, Maternity Shop, The Duty Free Company and Eveready Company.

The family also owns Tiger Farm Ltd, First Force Security Company, Hahuru Investors, Concord Holdings, National Milling Company and Ectar Kenya Ltd among others.

On land, the Mois own hundreds of acres of parcels in different parts of the country with a  value running into billions of shillings.

A revelation by WikiLeaks in the early 2000s linked the Mois to shell companies, secret trusts and front men used to steal over $2 billion worth of state money, with finances laundered across the world to buy properties and companies in London, New York and South Africa and even a 10,000ha ranch in Australia.

Countries involved in the corrupt dealings with Kenya during Moi’s regime, according to the report, include Australia, Belgium, Brunei, Canada, Finland, Germany, Grand Cayman, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Liberia, Luxembourg, Malawi, Namibia and the Netherlands.

Others are Puerto Rico, Russia, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Switzerland, the UAE, Uganda, the United Kingdom, the United States and Zaire.

In point form:

Lake Bogoria Spa Resort

Siginon Group

Intercontinental Hotel

Sacho High School

Sian Roses

Moi High School Kabarak

Standard Media Group

Rift Valley Technical Institute

Merica Hotel

Kiptagich Tea Estates Limited

Kabarak University

Mobile World Kenya Limited

Regent Group

Kenya Bixa Limited

911 Group

Africa Diatomite Industries Limited


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  1. This is obscene if what is written is true. How much of this is stolen from the mwananchi?
    One common denominator is that those left to enjoy this wealth may never know Peace

  2. When the full account of corruption and mismanagement of the Kenyan state by the political leadership is finally written, the pervasive rot and criminality that has defined our nation’s governance will be laid bare!

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