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Number plate at Sh. 950 million! See most expensive number plates

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Most Expensive Number Plates: Some of the world’s richest have been buying unique number plates at outrageous sums of money, with some spending millions of dollars in pursuit of the distinctive plates.

The best time to buy a new or used car in Kenya

To some, it seems, the number plate is even more important than the car itself. Read on for to find out more on the most expensive number plates ever sold. BY WILLIAM OSORO / SDE.

6. ‘VIP 1’- Roman Abramovich 

The Chelsea FC owner spent a whooping £285,000 (Sh38 million) for the VIP 1 plate number in 2006. According to internet sources, the Russian oil oligarch chose the plate for his Rolls-Royce Corniche IV, which has a base price of about Sh30 million.

5. ‘M1’- Mike McComb

Most Expensive Number Plates

The British mobile company owner reportedly splashed £330,000 ( Sh44 million) for the ‘M1’ plate in 2006 as a birthday present for his 6-year-old son, despite him not being able to legally drive for another 11 years.

4. ‘1D’- Nabil Bishara

London-based Lebanese businessman Nabil Bishara paid £352,411 (Sh47 million) to get his hands on the plate.

Whats more? The number plate was not for the property developer’s use but a romantic gesture to his wife.

3. ‘F1’ – Afzal Khan

Most Expensive Number Plates

The owner of car styling company Project Kahn broke the record of UK’s most expensive number plate after buying F1 for £440,625 (Sh59 million).

Bought in 2008, the plate now sits on his Mercedes SLR McLaren. According to catawiki.com, rumor has it that he has since been offered £5.3 million (Sh70 million) in exchange for the F1 plate, which he refused.

2. ‘5’ – Talal Khouri

Most Expensive Number Plates

In 2007, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) resident spent over £3.4million (Sh470 million) on a number plate with the single digit ‘5’ for one of the 6 Rolls-Royces that he owns.

After breaking the world record price for a number plate (at the time) Talal Khouri said that the number 5 meant nothing to him.

1. ‘1’- Ghaffer Khouri

Most Expensive Number Plates

Also from the UAE, Mr Ghaffer Khouri set the record for the most expensive number plate ever sold when he bought ‘1’ for over £7.1 million (Sh.950 million) in 2008.
“I bought it because it’s the best number,” he stated after the purchase.

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