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Do you have Sh5,000? These unique businesses can make you a millionaire

The unemployment rate in Kenya is worrying, and many youths have opted for entrepreneurship.

Walking around major towns, you will come across so many small businesses being run by young people.

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One thing Kenya doesn’t lack is opportunities for businesses, and there are various ventures you can invest in with as low as Sh5,000 and make a decent income.

If you are employed, you can also try these businesses as a side hustle. This article focuses on small businesses to start with Sh10, 000 and below.


Underwears and Socks

Have you ever asked yourself why underwear and socks hawkers never get tired of those heavy bags? It’s because of the amount they make daily.

With Sh10k at hand, you can successfully start selling undergarments like socks, panties, bras, vests, and boxers.

Ensure you get a good supplier with a good price for a higher chance of good profits. You can purchase these garments cheaply from suppliers at Eastleigh market.

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Social media has made everything easier; you can use these platforms to sell your products. If you have a big TikTok following, trust me, in a 30-minute live session, you would have sold about ten garments.

Design, Make and Sell Gift Bags

This is one of the most unexplored sectors with big opportunities for money. If you are creative, you can start designing gift bags that are beautiful and appealing to buyers.

The materials for a few bags are not expensive. All you need is the tutorials which you will get on YouTube.

Social media is the best place to sell your products, but you can also reach out to individual businesses and offer to supply them with gift bags.

Make and Sell Pillows

With Sh10k, you can make very attractive sofa pillows, throw pillows, or bed pillows and sell them out for good money.

All you need is a tailor who can make them for you at a cheaper price. A pillow cushion from Gikomba goes for around Sh70 to Sh150.

Make sure your pillows are unique and attractive to stand a chance to reap huge profits. You can sell them in your neighborhood, Whatsapp status, or Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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You can also reach out to some hotels and offer to make them pillows, but that should come later after you’ve expanded production.

Sell Wallpaper

There are very few people doing this business, and you can take advantage and get that extra coin. Demand for wallpapers, especially in beauty salons and barbershops, is high.

People also want their living rooms to look appealing. Eastleigh is the best place to find wallpapers at a cheaper price, normally around 1,000 per roll.

You can sell it to customers at a double price. You can also learn how to install it and get that extra fee. Make good use of social media to market your work.

Perfume Refilling Business

This business is presently gaining momentum, and anyone with a low budget can start it. Target an area with a high population of students and low-income earners for good profits.

You can request a friend who runs a beauty shop to allow you to operate outside their premise as you grow to afford rent.

Small container perfumes cost around Sh100, and you can resell them at Sh180. Master what your customers need and deliver it.

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