Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Mr Tembo: I don’t beg because I invested my money in my family

A number of Tahidi High actors and actresses have had it going rough since the popular show that used to air on Citizen Tv ended. One of those who have not come out to beg is Mr Tembo whose real name is Joseph Omari.

Mr Tembo played the character of Tahidi High Principal. When he recently came out to talk about where he has been, Omari said that he cannot join the brigade of former Tahidi actors who have been begging for help on social media. This is because he did not waste his money on flashy lifestyles. Instead, he invested it in his family and children, who now take care of him when need arises.

“Tahidi High was constant. I was there for 11 years, and with the money I made, I planned it well. I have kids in Norway, Sweden and so they are taking care of me now,” he said.

He added that if one does not plan themselves well in terms of money, they need to plan their family.

“Family is the best component in my life. That is why even when I am not working, you will never see or hear me begging. That is shaming my kids and family,” he said.

“That is disrespect to them. Invest in them and avoid situations that will make you a beggar in public. I don’t have a lot of money but I planned my kids.”

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One of the show’s most prominent names at Tahidi, Joseph Kinuthia, whose stage name is Omosh has been gaining notoriety over the last couple of months due to his constant begging. Omosh recently registered an association for beggars known as Kenya Association of Beggars. Other actors in the show who have openly come out to share their struggles include Angel Waruinge who played the role of Deputy Principal under the stage name Miss Morgan.

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