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Nadia Mukami: How I made my first million at age 23

Fast rising Kenyan female musician Nadia Mukami has shared her life and music story, in which she has revealed how she made her first million.

In an interview that was conducted at Radio Maisha, Nadia said that she made her first million at age 23. However, it was in the year 2020 that she made the most money. Her music products also did very well in the market.

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She revealed that a huge junk of her earnings, which enabled her purchase two cars in 2020, came from endorsements and premium sponsored placements on her social media accounts. “If you get an opportunity and find people who believe in you, don’t ruin it. There are a lot of people who are wishing for the same chance that you have. One of the biggest dreams that I have is breaking barriers. Kenyan music hasn’t gotten its due respect. I am trying my best to go to the next level… I’ve always wanted to live my dream – to hear people sing along to my songs when I perform. I feel good, humbled and thank God because fans have embraced my music- that’s favour,” said Nadia Mukami in a report.

In addition, Nadia explained how she capitalized on her brand to make cash. She then said that she gifted one of her cars to her parents as a gesture of gratitude for the way they raised her.


“What people don’t know is that I have done a lot of brand deals with Safaricom, Nice & Lovely and Tusker, among others, just for appearance and I’ve also made a lot of money from SKIZA because of Maombi. It is not a must that I have to justify everything, but you can all see that I have been getting a lot of brand placements on social media in my platforms… [Buying a car] is something I’ve always wanted to do for my parents. They’ve sacrificed so much for us –we are five- and we’ve all been to college and university. So I always wanted to do something great for my dad,” she said.

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