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NCBA World Environment Day – 5th June

As the world continues grappling with pressing concerns of climate change, financial institutions are among those that have taken the reins in embracing environmental sustainability.

Banks globally have taken centre stage by leveraging their financial clout to fund projects, with environmental considerations in their investment strategies.

In Kenya, there are many pioneers making strides in the race against climate change. Among the leaders of this carbon footprint reduction change in Kenya is the NCBA Bank.

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NCBA takes lead in climate change fight as droughts, floods leave trail of ruins 

NCBA Bank has over the years continued to show its dedication to sustainability to ensure global posterity of the human race in a conducive environment, through its initiative #ChangetheStory.

The Kenyan government’s target is to transform Kenya into a beacon of ecological integrity by targeting 15 billion trees by 2030.


NCBA Bank is leading the ‘Change the Story’ campaign, which aims to boost Kenya’s forest cover by planting 10 million trees by 2030, hence making them a key stakeholder in all Kenyans’ mandate to protect the motherland.

In 2023, NCBA Bank actively took part in World Environmental Day. H.E Tessie Musaliaand the Ushirika Wema Foundation played vital roles in overseeing the success of the bank’s activities in Bungoma County.

Over 20,000 trees were donated and planted across various institutions. These include 4,000 trees planted at the Kibabii University, an event that was graced by Bungoma Governor H.E Kenneth Lusaka.


NCBA’s driving action plan behind the ‘Change the Story’ campaign is to tackle the menace that is deforestation and promote environmental conservation.

At the function, H.E Tessie Musalia stressed the importance of community involvement and behavioural change to increase environmental awareness and promote sustainability goals.

NCBA Bank’s 5 Sustainability Pillars and 15 ‘I Change the StoryCommitments are:

1. Minimizing Our Direct Impact on the Climate & Amplifying the Tree Planting Program

  • Tree Planting: Growing 10 million trees by 2030 through collaboration with private and government strategic partners.
  • Plastic Waste Elimination: Recycling 100% of waste and eradicating single-use plastics by 2030.
  • Sustainable Supply Chain: Green our supply chain and ensure all corporate gifts are sustainable.

2. Ignite Our Customers’ Transition to a Low-Carbon Operating Model

  • Green Financing: Mobilize and steer Sh. 30 billion towards green and sustainable financing to accelerate the transition.
  • EV Charging Stations: Invest in deploying electric vehicle charging stations across the region. 
  • Knowledge Platform: Develop a ‘Change the Story’ platform to inspire and educate the public about sustainability.

3. Mitigate the Impact of Climate-Related Risks to Our Long-Term Performance

  • Carbon Audit: Complete a group-wide carbon audit in 2023 and set a target to reduce direct emissions (Scope I & II) by over 50% by 2030.
  • Paris Agreement: Align with the 2015 Paris Agreement and reduce financed emissions by 2030.
  • Risk Assessment: Embed thorough assessments of climate-related risks in lending, investment and financial activities.

4. Enhance the Impact of Our Community Engagement Model

  • Staff Engagement: Train and motivate over 3,000 staff through the ‘I Change the Story’ program.
  • Community Support: Allocate Sh. 100 million annually to support the communities where we operate.
  • Inclusive Communities: Champion inclusive communities through regional sports development.

5. Optimize Our Corporate Governance

  • Procurement: Allocate at least 30% of our general services procurement spend to women and youth.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Promote diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels of our operations.
  • Mentorship and Skills: Provide targeted mentorship and skills-building for women and youth.

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