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Change the Story: Inside NCBA Group’s World Environment Day commitment

At the heart of NCBA Group’s sustainability agenda is climate resilience for humanity in an era of climate crisis. Their strength and sustainability practices are directly licensed to their social operating license.

NCBA’s Paperless approach and digitization of operations an examples of its concerted efforts towards sustainable business practices, which are all aligned to the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the government’s national growth strategies.

NCBA’s hallmark sustainability program, ‘Change the Story’ is among the ways the group seeks to combat climate change, which stands as a huge threat to future development and achievement of SDGs.

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NCBA World Environment Day – 5th June

“Sustainability is not a new concept to the NCBA group, as a brand we have always lived by the premise that our license to operate comes from the communities we serve,” NCBA Bank Group Director, John Gachora said in a past forum.

“Our enhanced and bolder commitments recognize that climate change is a significant and pressing challenge not only globally but also locally… one only has to observe the effects the drought has had on the country’s economy to appreciate the urgency in taking action,” he added.


In Kenya, for example, the forest cover is slightly above 7% which falls short of the recommended United Nations 10%. NCBA aims to support the Government in its quest to grow forest cover to more than 30% by the year 2032.

NCBA Bank is among the few brands in the country that are led by science to leverage and build on knowledge gaps in climate risk assessments.

The bank’s main pillars are:


1. Minimizing its direct impact on climate & amplifying the tree planting program
2. Igniting its customers’ transition to a low-carbon operating model
3. Mitigating the impact of climate-related risks on their long-term performance
4. Enhancing the impact of the community engagement model
5. Optimizing its corporate governance practices

NCBA Bank’s achievements in the sustainability agenda

Minimize our direct impact on the climate and amplify our tree-planting program

So far, NCBA has planted over 7 million trees, making good progress toward their goal of 10 million by 2030.

More than 34% of waste at Headquarters and Pilot Branches is now being recycled thus reducing landfill impact.

NCBA takes lead in climate change fight as droughts, floods leave trail of ruins

There has been a 76.3% decrease in the use of plastics for corporate gifts, moving towards more sustainable options.

Ignite our customers’ transition to a low-carbon operating model

NCBA has established funds to support environmentally friendly initiatives, such as a Sh. 2 billion EV Fund, Sh. 500 million for solar projects and Sh. 30 billion for sustainable financing.

The bank has installed 4 charging stations, 3 in Nairobi and 1 in Kigali to support the growing use of Electric Vehicles.

Mitigate the impact of climate-related risks on our long-term performance

The bank has tracked its group-wide scope emissions and found that Scope I has 7765.53 tons of CO2 equivalent and Scope II at 2324 tons of CO2 equivalent.

An ongoing audit is being conducted to better understand and manage our carbon footprint.

NCBA is providing training to enhance understanding and management of climate risks.

The bank is using scenario modelling to predict and prepare for future climate-related impacts.

Enhance the impact of our community engagement model

The NCBA Academy offers 10 courses aimed at building skills and knowledge.

Over 100 scholarships have been awarded to support education and development in the community.

Optimize our corporate governance

8.9% of the Bank’s General Services procurement spend is directed to businesses owned by women and youth.

The female-to-male ratio among NCBA employees is nearly equal at 51:49, thus promoting gender equality.

More than 3,000 women and youth have benefited from mentorship to support their personal and professional growth.

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