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Baringo primary school kid flaunts coding skills, builds website

A young primary school student from Baringo has amazed Kenyans online with his flawless coding skills.

In a video posted by Nelly Cheboi’s TechLit Africa, Bowen a beneficiary of the coding boot camp explained how the website he built works.

He showcased some of the website’s features including the hyperlinks and the code he wrote.

“I am the one who designed it,” he said in the clip.

Many netizens admitted that Bowen is a genius kid with a bright future ahead in IT. Others opined that he should get a scholarship immediately and at the very least a mentorship, as he could invent the next big thing in technology.

Nelly Cheboi says that Bowen’s coding instructor at her school, Elysee introduced the basic HTML for coding and Bowen took the lessons well into stride.

“Three days after he learned about HTML he showed up to school with three pages of handwritten HTML code on his book ready to try on a computer,” she says.

The teacher contemplated introducing the more advanced CSS to code websites’ colors, layouts and fonts. The instructor was surprised to find that Bowen had already taught himself how to write the code with her sister’s phone.

“A few days later he saw that Bowen had a different background color on his page. He was also showing his classmates how to do it.”

Bowen’s site is now live for anyone to learn from them. Nelly Cheboi insists that TechLit Africa is honored to have played a part in his story.

Baringo primary school kid flaunts coding skills, builds website

In other news, Nelly Cheboi is among those nominated for the CNN Heroes Award. She urges Kenyans to vote for her as the deadline approaches on December 6th.

Nelly stands a chance to win $100,000 for her business-tech startup, TechLit Africa. She is the only non-American nominated for the award.

In a previous interview, Nelly Cheboi revealed that she makes Sh. 4.6 million monthly from her venture, and she channels the money to poor families and kids.

Nelly recognized for her Forbes 30 under 30 achievement, recalls that she grew up in poverty. Her mother was a mama mboga who struggled to make ends meet.

She studied hard at school and topped Mogotio in KCPE where she hails from with 390 marks.

She was thereafter admitted to Mary Hill Girls. She recounts how she was rarely ever in school since she was always sent home for lack of tuition fees, let alone the fare to travel to school.

Nelly beat all the odds in KCSE and scored an A. She then joined Zawadi Africa, where she got a scholarship to study at Augustana College in the US. She studied software engineering

While in the US, she applied for a work-study program and got a job as a toilet cleaner, making Sh. 800 per hour. She saved Sh. 100,000 at the end of the year. She wanted to build her mother a house but instead, she chose to build a school; TechLit Africa.

Baringo primary school kid flaunts coding skills, builds website
Nelly in the US studying Software engineering at Augustana College

Click this link to vote for Nelly Cheboi as the CNN Heroe of the year.

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