Nissan Motors have been in market since 1933 and stands at sixth position in the market. The formerly marketed Datsun was renamed Nissan as a strategic decision later. They have a number of famous and infamous brands available in market. The Nissan Bluebird Sylphy comes in the list of those that stands at a unique position.


Toyota Motor Corporation enjoys the position of being the world’s largest conglomerate having exposure both in automotive and non-automotive sectors. The company has many brands which have made the company stand out.  One such automotive brand is the Toyota Allion. When we compare Nissan Bluebird Sylphy vs Toyota Allion we identify the following areas of differentiation.


Body Style

Initially the Nissan Bluebird Sylphy came as a multiple-option car. It was unable to identify which market to focus on. Aside from the sedan, the vehicle came in 3 and 5 door hatchback having the size adjustment accordingly. The later second generation has since been converted to a sedan only body.


The Toyota Allion was directly related to many of the other brands of Toyota, though it was greatly close to the Toyota Avensis. The vehicle, since the beginning, came as a 4 door option with the Toyota T platform usage. When we put the two vehicles side by side, we realize that the Allion has a comparatively sharper body. The headlights, windows and bumpers are much sharper with length, width and height adjustments.


Engine Supremacytoyota allion

When we compare the two, we realize that engine power of similar displacement has different horse power. The Nissan Sylphy has a bit less power as compared to the Toyota Allion. This results in the Allion winning the race in load carriage and smoothness. The technicalities are same though the Toyota Allion offers the aura that a typical Toyota carries.

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Balancing Vehicle

The weight to power ratio of Nissan Bluebird Sylphy is higher as compared to the Toyota Allion’s. This best indicates that weight is higher as compared to power exerted, leading to the balancing deficit. It can be said that the Toyota Allion has more grip on road in terms of shock absorption. Hence balancing in Toyota Allion is better as compared to the Nissan Bluebird.


The Brand Image

Toyota stands among the world leaders in auto-manufacturing. It has a brand image of being the source of reliability and trust. Each and every product gives a new level of satisfaction to its loyal customer base. The Toyota Allion being a product from this huge conglomerate got instant success when it was launched. Whether it is about clear focus on goals or the technology and compatibility that is hard to replicate, all is included in this vehicle. The Kaizen concept defining continuous improvement has further made it unbeatable among all.

The Nissan though has a bit more to go from where it is. There is still a lot to do on the Nissan BlueBird Sylphy. In a competition with the Allion, the Allion takes the cake.

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