Nurses Salary in Kenya: The salary nurses earn (Updated 2019)

Nurses Salary in Kenya: Currently, Kenya has around 46,000 registered nurses and 27,500 enrolled nurses, according to the Economic Survey.

Nurses Salary in Kenya: See how much nurses in Kenya take home every end of the month:

Lowest Earning Nurse-Group G

Basic salary-Sh. 16,692
Agreed pay under CBA- Sh. 23,369
Maximum salary in this group as it stands now is Sh. 21,304. Under CBA it was to go up to Sh. 29,826.

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Job Group K
Basic salary-Sh. 40,000

Job Group R
Basic Salary-Sh. 109,089
Agreed pay under CBA- Sh. 136,361
Maximum pay in this group goes up to SH. 181,160 from the current SH. 144,928.

Nurses Allowances 
As it currently stands, nurses in Kenya get a house allowance of Sh. 3,500 with the highest receiving Sh. 15,000.
Extraneous Expenses
Current- SH. 15,000 and SH. 35,000 depending on job group.
Under the CBA, that amount was to go up by Sh. 5,000 in all job groups

Health risk allowance
Sh. 3,850
If CBA was honoured the amount would go up to Sh. 5,000
Uniform allowance
Sh. 10,000 annually
Sh. 50,000 if the CBA is implemented

Commuter Allowance
Current kes4,000 to Sh. 14,000 depending on job group
Amount was to go up by between kes15,000 to Sh. 25,000 per month if CBA was implemented

The KNUN has a total of 29,800 members.

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