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Nurses salary in Kenya: Basic salaries, allowances nurses earn monthly

Currently, Kenya has around 46,000 registered nurses and 27,500 enrolled nurses, according to the Economic Survey. The KNUN has a total of 29,800 members.

Here is a break down of nurses salary in Kenya:

Co-Op post

Starting salary of a diploma nurse in Kenya

Lowest Earning Nurse-Group G

Basic salary- between Sh. 23,369 and Sh. 29,826.


This is the entry nursing salary in Kenya.

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Job Group K
Basic salary- Sh. 40,000

Job Group R
Basic Salary- between Sh. 109,089 and Sh. 144,928.

In addition to the monthly salary of a nurse, the professionals receives several allowances, including:

Nurses Allowances 
Nurses in Kenya get a house allowance of Sh. 3,500 with the highest receiving Sh. 15,000.

Extraneous Expenses
Between. Sh. 15,000 and Sh. 35,000 depending on job group.

Health risk allowance
Between Sh. 3,850 and Sh. 5,000

Uniform allowance
Sh. 10,000 annually

Commuter Allowance
Between Sh. 4,000 and Sh. 14,000 depending on job group

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Takeaway on the salary for nurses in Kenya

Devolved governments in Kenya have taken up health, including hiring and remuneration of health workers including nurses and doctors.

In other words, the salary of a nurse in Kenya is paid by a county government.

The ripple effect to this has been strikes with nurses complaining over delayed salary payments and low salaries.

In Kenya, the majority of nurses who form the bulk of the health system are trained by the government’s medical college, Kenya Medical Training College.

This article has therefore focused on diploma nurses salary in Kenya.

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